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    Default SJ's if you know or can guess, what are the types of your good friends?

    If you want to include group dynamics, I'd be more than interested. As you see I'm a IXTJ (I believe I lean more toward the S, still not sure though)

    But my close friends are ENTP, INfP, eSFJ. (I'll be using their type as their title)

    The INfP, completely goes with the flow, never asks for anything, doesn't direct or take charge on any situation. He'll never say anything insulting; he will never defend or debate anything. Simple put he goes with the flow.

    ENTP is quite domineering, lazy, smart, and physically strong, wants his way, doesn't like to be told to do anything. Very confrontational, we could agree with each other on 98% of an issue, yet we will still argue over it (and I rarely back down). Fun loving, outgoing, emotional tack of an IRS agent collecting bills (don't give me a sob story, give me your dam money).

    With his goofy behavior, he is able to make INfP a hard extrovert (and just as goofy), threatens anyone who interferes (not as violent as it may sound). The eSFJ is the end of many jokes from ENTP. If you are easily offending, heíll make sure that you end up being so. Butts heads with everyone except INfP.

    eSFJ is the only one who openly cares for anyone (also has had the most girlfriends). He doesn't like conflict, will avoid it if he can, though he will defend issues if they are important to him, or if he has backing from me, ENTP, or girlfriend. He can make INfP an extrovert but not on the same level as ENTP. eSFJ learned how to go with the flow.

    Anyways, I want to see if there are any common occurrences, and how you function within your group.

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    I'm not an SJ, but I'm very good friends with two ISTJ females. One of them I thought was an E, but today I pretty much confirmed that she was I.
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    I have lots of friends of all ages, but I assume you are asking for close friends of similar age. My two best girl friends are an ENTP and an INTJ, both mid 20s. ENTP loves to talk and never runs out of things to say. Very feminine and loves makeup and jewelry. She blurts whatever she is thinking (which makes me feel secure but often makes other people mad at her), she is fun to be around, she is a very good mom, and she likes to do do stuff with people. Not personally interested in MBTI type stuff or other research hobbies of mine at all, but will listen if I bring it up. Can be prone to drama but not in a bad way - just lots of natural mood swings. INTJ doesn't live nearby any more, but she and I have similar levels of interest in researching anything and everything. We can talk for HOURS on just about any topic and I get much more talkative around her than around anyone else besides my family. Any time we see each other it's like we pick up exactly where we left off the last time. She is composed, not much interested in girl stuff, a very relaxed mom of 2 babies, and just is a very confident person. ENTP likes to hug people, though not gooey about it, and INTJ doesn't usually remember that people like that (I usually don't remember that either). They like each other but don't really "get" each other. ENTP is a lot better about keeping in contact with friends than INTJ is, of course. If I were to guess, I would say that ENTP probably likes that I don't do drama and that I am consistent with my emotions/friendships (not to sound wrong I hope, but I do help stabilize her quite a bit), and INTJ probably enjoys the conversational fact trading and speculating we do.

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    I have a lot of friends. I couldn't type all of them.
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    My ISFJ boyfriend's best friends are (besides me of course, haha):

    ESTP (mentor/"older brother"-type)
    INFJ (friends since high school, but relationship is unhealthy now as this person is a severe drug addict and typically can't hold up his end of a friendship)
    ISFP (friends since high school, band-mate, favorite person to play music with)
    ISFJ (drinking buddy, but moved away a couple of months back)
    ISTP (currently living in another state, but pops in to sleep on our floor every so often)
    ISTP (they watch movies together, that's about it)

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    My best friend is an ENFP.
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    Hmm, weirdly I had the most difficulty trying to type my best friend. After much consideration, I believe he is an ENFP. Well that proves the ISTJ-ENFP myth then! I didn't think I knew any... He's great because we can talk about literally anything, in any mood. He's an excellent listener and caring, a very interesting person, and we have similar interests. We can go out anywhere together and always have a great time. I get the impression he understands me and puts up with me when he might think I'm being a bit stubborn or not perceptive enough. He's also equally as loyal and trustworthy as me.

    Other friends:
    ENTP (I think) - The idealist amongst us. Totally different political background from me, but he's refreshing because he enjoys talking about different perspectives from his own. He supports many causes and is very active in them. He's so busy it's ridiculous; he's constantly doing something, whether it be social or work-oriented. He also seems to know literally everyone. Can be blunt.

    INTJ - Very intellectual but also very adept socially. Comes across as the cool, faintly arrogant one who knows she's good and possibly superior to everyone else. People seem fascinated by her. Very organised (she's probably the only person who's ever been more organised than me) and perfectionist. Likes a good laugh though and is the truly quirky one of all my friends.

    ISFP - A bit scatty, she's very idealistic and artistic. Prefers to just enjoy life rather than worrying about the future; she's not at all ambitious and not concerned about the practicalities of life. She was my best friend at school because we had a shared sense of surreal humour. I suppose she drew out my quirky, imaginative side.

    They're probably my closest friends.
    And of course there's my ISFJ boyfriend, who I've written much about already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cogdecree View Post
    eSFJ is the only one who openly cares for anyone (also has had the most girlfriends). He doesn't like conflict, will avoid it if he can, though he will defend issues if they are important to him, or if he has backing from me, ENTP, or girlfriend. He can make INfP an extrovert but not on the same level as ENTP. eSFJ learned how to go with the flow.
    Interesting. I read on an assessment one time that ESFJ's have a crazy ability to adapt themselves to the personalities of those they are with. I see that is often true of myself.

    As for my friends, I have many friends of all different types. I often don't think of them in relation to their "type," but here's my best stab at my very closest friends and my guess about their types:

    I'm pretty certain my boyfriend (and very best friend) is an ISTP. He's smart, adventurous, down to earth, helpful, honest, loyal, and dependable.

    My best girlfriend is an IXFJ. She's caring, devoted, and sensitive though reticent. Another very close girlfriend is an ISFJ. She's organized, practical, sensitive, and loyal.
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