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    I am not sure if computer programming is an official ISTJ occupation, but if it is, it might be because software were simpler or the procedural paradigm was still popular back then.

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    I'm a professional software developer, and a wanna-be game programmer (working on me first indie-game ).

    Computer Programming is very suitable task for an ISTJ, since we ISTJs are usually:

    • Structured and organized. We like building and maintaining structures, and that's what programming is mostly about.
    • We are logical thinkers and solvers. Whenever we meet a problem, we want to solve it, where as some other might ignore it, find a workaround or panic. Problems and inconsistencies are the nemesis of an ISTJ. So we like squishing bugs.
    • Good planners and executors. We constantly schedule and plan our lives forward. Deadlines are no strangers to us. We are very good at keeping deadlines.
    • Hard-working. As long as we have duties, we are busy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozz View Post

    • software development requires programmers do time estimate... but it's hard to get a good estimate right because it depends on the complexity of the issue, familiarity of the code, and 'messiness' of the code - this causes me a lot of stress worrying about getting the estimate and the actual work complete
    Doing time estimates is really difficult, but one will learn with experience what can and can't be done quickly. Knowing the software in practice is a key element here. SJs might have a tendency to be too strict on their time estimates. I think ISTJs might promise more than they can deliver... can't really say why, but might have something to do with them trying to please others. Something like "No matter the burden, I'll survive."

    I think it's better to overestimate than underestimate, because you are usually given the time you first estimate. And if you can deliver it faster than what you promised, you will only end up looking more diligent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozz View Post

    • I have trouble visualizing software design patterns: they are abstraction put in to enforce structure and behavior of the code so it's easier for people to think about. I see the code, but I can't make the connection without taking a lot of time mapping it out.
    Again, experience will help... especially the kind of experience which got you into problems not following design patterns. ISTJs have Introverted Sensing. They learn best by doing the mistakes themselves. We have hard time understanding complex abstractions. But that doesn't mean we can't learn design patterns. Actually, I'd say design patterns were made by SJs! Why? Because design patterns are tested-and-trusted solutions for re-occuring problems. We SJs are very good at solving problems from the past, aren't we?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozz View Post

    • I seem to have trouble seeing the big picture compared to the other developers.
    So do I, but they seem to have problems staying in schedules, reporting, marking up working hours and sharing information. Their code is very confusing, whilst mine is simple and very understandable. I topped the scoring at work-efficiency in the company's internal reviews. N makes all those funky features. We make basic features, and we make 'em fast!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
    • I had a headache after work EVERYDAY. But that might be related to not getting enough sleep (7 hrs). One of my co-worker even took the reference book home and read it. How did he do it?
    Do you take breaks? ISTJs are notorius for being hard working individuals. I almost never take breaks, like other people do at my workplace. I never leave my desk, until I have an urgent matter to attend to. I don't chat or socialize during the work day. That's why I'm always fully concentrated on my work, and it gives me headaches. Also, one should remember to eat well during the workday too. A lunch just isn't enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
    Am I or are the online MBTI career pages crazy?
    Software developing is a team effort, and every team should have an ISTJ. But team full of ISTJs is lacking. So, co-working with your colleagues will get a head. You shouldn't have to do everything yourself.
    "The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."
    -Nikola Tesla

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