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    I've never been concerned with my outwardly appearance until recently. As a little kid, it was unimportant, but now that I'm older I realize that people associate appearance with competence. If a dress like a slob, I will be perceived as such.

    The instances in which I care about what others think of me, (strangers, not friends/relatives) are usually reputation-oriented. I strive to be intelligent and useful, I am on this never ending journey to reach self-perfection. Therefore, I want to be perceived as intelligent and useful.

    Due to my Introverted Sensing, I could care less about other people's idea of right and wrong. I know that sounds sort of mean, but the standards I place on myself are almost always higher than everyone else's. Even now, as a teenager, I use silence and fancy words to appear smarter than I actually am. (Although I do exceed almost all of my peers in terms of both "book smarts" and "common sense".)

    Another thing that I see as important is trust. Honesty is very important to me, and I think it's important that others see that in me. Because I hold myself to a high level of this honesty, I expect it out of others. I am pessimistic, and I realize that a lot of people out there are dishonest, and this bothers me.

    In short, I am slow to trust others, but I expect them to trust me immediately. Rather hypocritical, isn't it...?

    I also have to agree with TheChosenOne.

    Yeah, I definitely do care. Like others have said, I set high standards for myself, and this means that I should be appreciated along with succeeding. Basically if others have a good opinion of me, it somehow helps my self-image, and that's ultimately what's important to me. That's why one of the greatest things for me is achievement. When I achieve something, I feel so good about myself. The more, the merrier.
    Amen, brother. : )

    Always remember to flank your enemies. History won't remember how dramatic your failed frontal assault looked. - Dragon Age: Origins

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    I have enough of a challenge living up to my own standards to worry about what others think of me. I don't consider myself cold hearted (although you'd get odds on that if you ask others), but questions like "I wonder what someone would think if I did it this way...?" aren't part of my decision making criteria. When it comes to living my life the opinions of others might be considered, but aren't required.
    ...doesn't work or play well with others...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallaciaSonata View Post
    I also have to agree with TheChosenOne.

    Amen, brother. : )

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