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    Quote Originally Posted by istar11 View Post
    well, screw this. i'm just going to keep trying to have as much fun with her as possible and keep it open, while trying to meet other women too. if i waste my time then fine. at the very least I'm learning about her and others like her and that's cool. if I keep on severing relationships the second I think she isn't interested, just because of my ego, I won't learn as much as i'd like about people.

    And to me, with types that are more concerned with the non-physical aspects of a relationship (and I'm assuming she's this type), how could she know she was really interested in me anyway at this early stage? if it doesn't happen naturally through friendship then maybe it's not worth happening at all.
    I would suggest letting the friendship grow first. I'm not saying all ISFJs are like this, but I would think they like a firm foundation of friendship prior to any consideration of a romantic relationship blossoming out of it. Just give her plenty of time and patience to get to know you better.
    Um, yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmm View Post
    If I remember correctly, your ISFJ friend also has a fiance, right? I suppose this is proof that just telling someone that you are in a relationship already is not enough.
    She didn't at the times in question so it was nothing to do with having some already.
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