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    Quote Originally Posted by BerberElla View Post
    My closest friend in the real world is not the traditional rules ISFJ either, it's why I kept second guessing her type for so long.

    She ran away from home as a teen to join the travellers and lived on the road for 10 years, experiencing pretty much everything you can on the edge of the law and beyond it, done more illegal activities than I have lol complete and utter rebel with no trust for the government, or people in charge in any given situation.

    Although she is more settled now and more law abiding, she is still one of the black market type people that would drop kick an officer in a heartbeat.

    She is very untraditional and that's part of her wonderful appeal.
    To be close to as wild as ur friend is now my personal goal, lol.

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I knew that there is always some variance, but all but one other ISFJ i've met have been spot on with the personality description. I am satisfied now, lol.

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    Of course, there are things that all ISFJs have in common--that's why they're the same type. It's just not always very obvious or easy to summarize.
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    When I was younger, then ya that sounds like me too except that I never cared for the traditional role society placed on women. However, now I'd say I'm not a typical ISFJ but have become a house wife and mom.

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    it's not uncommon for ISFJs to be more rigid/structured early in life (typical to type), then diverge later.

    Remember, the specifics of ISFJ are not set, they just tend to take their early life experience and incorporate that as an Si-anchored view the world... then preserve and defend that view as their baseline later rather than flex quickly to new situations. Much of the current details associated with ISFJ might not truly be indicative of the ISFJ archetype -- it's just reflective of ISFJs that grew up in a traditional/conservative culture manifest especially in religious practices that controlled the United States (for example) for much of the century until perhaps the last 30 years.

    With things having changed so greatly, it'll be interesting to see what ISxJ's look like when raised in a more flexy Gen X / Gen Y culture with less stringent religious influence.

    As far as changing while an adult, mature ISFJs *do* change. They tend to lighten up, find joy in life, figure out how to give and love without judging based on their internal worldview, and take people on their own terms. And with their Ti+Ne tertiary and inferior, while those things might be weaknesses earlier in life, they become extremely important later. The Ti helps them get clarity on their traditional-style judgments and the Ne helps reduce their fear and anxiety in new and unexperienced situations. it also allows them to appreciate types of humor they might not have before. Instead of being pissed at people who rock the boat and go off the path and who get in their way, they learn to appreciate the free spirit and relax.

    Lots of room for positive change and growth, and such change is not bad at all. It's just a continual maturity, as every type goes through.
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