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    I'm pretty sure my Mom is an ISFJ - I actually did the test but put in the responses as if she was answering cos I wasn't sure what she was, I thought she was an I and J but not the rest.

    But anyway this is what she is like - 95% of the time she is a very good mother, puts the family first and teaches her kids good values, was warm and caring. 5% of the time she is overly controlling and interfering in quite a subtle, scheming way. She is also a bit snobbish and overly concerned about appearances and not accepting of everyone.

    Like when we go to formal occasions she would often say 'you're not wearing THAT' and this when I am in my 20s and an adult and not a child and then would make a fuss if we didn't change into something she was happy with. And then in her the scheming way she would say instead that she wanted to take me shopping which meant she wanted to choose what I would wear (and she would pay). When my brother took up smoking as a teenager she paid his friends to try to get him to give it up (again the scheming).

    Then when he was house hunting and had a gift of some money from them towards the house she just walked into one house and said 'well you're not living HERE' and that was the end of that house, no money allowed to go towards it.

    Also one of my brothers had a girlfriend who she thought was 'common' and 'not good enough.' (and she was fine just an ordinary upbringing) She managed not to tell my brother this but I heard about it!

    So as I say mostly she is a good mother, but by no means perfect.

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    Everyone acts selfishly?

    The self is the one who acts...?

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