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    Quote Originally Posted by ArbiterDewey View Post
    Our parents are your typical divorced, negligent, substance-abusing, in reality, our grandparents raised us.
    and anytime we were at dad's house, we raised each other. :/

    Because you can't spell "Slaughter" without "Laughter"

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    I was actually going to make this topic before realizing it was here.

    Anyway, my dad's an ENTP, and my mom's an INFJ.

    I get along better with my mom, and tend to argue a lot with my dad. But I make up with my dad pretty easily.

    My older sister is an INTJ.
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    My mother is an ISFJ. Father is probably an ESTJ. They divorced when I was about 15 years old. Apparently my father wanted a more active and adventurous life, and has been traveling a lot since. My mother barely never leaves her hometown.

    There was always a very ISTJish atmosphere in my home. It was kinda easy for me, for I can only recall one or two moments I had to fight (verbally) with my father. My mother was never angry, or at least she didn't show it. But it was also very unchallenging and uneducational environment. ENFP-features were completely missing. I don't even remember when I my mother the last time. Maybe when I was 2 years old.

    I'm rather distant with my father, since he doesn't seem to understand me one bit. "We don't need that 'Internet'. You should spend more time outside." Yeah... I made my first computer program when I was like 5 years old. And my mother tells that I used to help my big brother's friends using C64 back then.

    I'm not particularly close with my mom either. She's real nice, empathetic and supporting, but she's still somehow very reserved. I think she has lived her whole life under strict authority (her parents were very strict, and ISFJ is no match for ESTJ in an authority-contest), and has thus accepted that "she's not important, and the best thing she can do is to help others as much as possible."

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    Mom - ENFP
    Dad - INTP

    I get along with both of them fine.

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    Mom - ISTJ
    Step-father - ENTJ

    Here's the thing. I think I started my life as a NF but after my mother met my step-father, I turned into a SJ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raz View Post
    NFs are always trying to figure out what I'm feeling, which makes me feel vulnerable.
    i am a ENTP. but yeah NFs do this to me too. and even i feel vulnerable.
    but even when i try to fool them and turn it into a joke they keep on persisting. ouch.

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    I'm an ISTJ with an ENTJ mother and and ENFP father. I also have an ESFP younger sister. I always admired my mom. She always seemed so cool and are views are similar. I dislike my dad even though he is my dad. We're complete opposites in type. Me and my sister share a special bond even though we're not that close. We find some of the same things funny because we're both the only Ss in the family.
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    Father: INTJ
    Mother: ENTP

    I get along much better with my father. I grew up closer to him, too.

    My mother and I argue constantly, and, sometimes, my father takes my side, because we share values, and our views on almost everything. We think similar, and we are both strong critics. At the end of most of those conversations, my mother tells me: "You´re just like your Father" but we get over them fine.

    As for my siblings, I have a better relationship with my ESFP brother (22), than with my ENFP sister (18).
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