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    i get along great with my boss. i've been trying to figure out her type, but she's a toughy! i want to say infj because she has an uncanny "psychic" ability. but she might be a sensor. when i have my hair down she sometimes asks if she can touch it and she likes touching fabrics and stuff. she's totally i, totally f, and totally j.

    i work for a property group that owns and manages low-income housing projects/ developments. i am in the lowest position in my office as an accounting clerk. my boss is very understanding and kind of shields me from the executives in the office. she knows i have a busy personal life and doesn't want me to get all wrapped up in work. i think that's awesome because i could stay there and work my buns off until the cows come home, but i'd rather come home on time and spend time with my little boy. she's kind of mother-y and always has time for my questions about procedure and stuff, even while her stacks of work pile up to the sky. she always says "thanks for your help" at the end of each day and will send me an email saying so if she has forgotten to mention it.

    the accounting assistant is her husband and he's like a step above me. he's pretty awesome too because he'll look at stuff for me that i've been looking at for too long to even be able to figure it out anymore. he's an isfp. he will also do the filing if i'm swamped.

    i get along with them on a personal level as well because we share a similar sense of humor and were all kind of outcasts in our school years. my boss and i both worked diligently in school and take pride in that fact. we've both worked in coffee and retail. she's been in the property management business in different roles for probably the past decade.

    anyone above that, i don't interact with enough for them to have an impact on my day.

    oh, there's also my cubicle-mate who i think is an ent-something, but i need to look into it more. she very friendly and kind of absent minded but will say what she thinks in a given circumstance. she always volunteers to call people and yell at them if they need yelling at. she is the accountant for our weird properties that are under construction or who need special attention. i think she works on like 6 of the 32 properties.
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    I'm a legal secretary and I have four bosses. The most senior one is the one I've had the longest, and he's the one I'm "married" to -- for example, my best friends moved to Colorado and wanted me to go, too, but I didn't because I didn't want to leave my boss. He's what keeps my life stable. He reads his mail standing at my desk in the morning, and then he goes about his business and I go about mine. He really just stands there to be available to me if I need to ask a question or to inform him of something I think he needs to know, and that means a lot to me, that he stands near me for a bit without making me chit-chat. At the end of the year, he gives me an excellent review, and I get an excellent raise. He doesn't make me sit down and go over the review -- he just gives me the paper to sign, and I sign it. I often sign off on the review before I've even read it, because I trust him completely after these 9 years of being his secretary. This year was kind of funny because when he gave me the review, I went straight to the last page and signed and dated, and went to hand it back to him, and he was like, no, wait, you might want to look at this one, so I did, and it was a really good review, even better than usual, and I got all choked up and managed to say "Thanks," and he said "I know it was a hard year," and it meant the world to me because it really was a hard year, almost unbearable in spots. He is really good like that. He also keeps me informed if he's going through personal difficulties, but it's just a sentence -- "My dad is in the hospital," or "I'm getting a divorce," and that's good. He's a total extrovert and loves to chat, but he is not like that with me and I see that he's making a difference to suit me, and I appreciate it. He's an ENTP.

    2nd in command is female. She drives me nuts - every time she passes my desk, she screams CIAO! and I jump a mile and it takes me 10 minutes to find my place in what I was doing, and she's a terrible attention whore which personally grates on my nerves really bad, but those are small gripes -- overall she's a sweetheart, extremely well intended and always does the kindest thing, she gives very thorough instructions and knows exactly what she wants, and she also gives me good reviews. We had some personal interaction when she was floundering in her personal life, crushing on a married coworker and was just going 'round and 'round with it, so I got fed up and just took the wheel for a bit, got her credit card out of her and wrote ads for her on a couple of personals sites, using pictures of her from the firm newsletter, and she did really well, just took off with it. She picked a great guy and I feel pretty sure they'll get married. She just needed someone to help her get her ducks in a row and give her a push. I trust her and she trusts me and that is a solid relationship, too, built over years.

    Third guy is a sweetie, sometimes a little anxious but less so as we go on. He brings me back presents when he travels. Presents are good. I don't know anything about him personally.

    Fourth guy is also a very good person with a very good heart, and he's funny and can take a joke -- my silly or sarcastic one-line zingers.

    We get along well together and we do go out for our birthdays, Christmas, Secretary's Day, and every once in a great while one of them will take me to lunch just to socialize, but that's like every couple of years. I care for them and consider them family.

    I have known the person who sits next to me for 12 years. We talk a little from time to time. Maybe once or twice a year, we go to lunch. She's a good person, loyal to her friends, good at her job. Much more extroverted than I am but she doesn't hold my I against me, so it works out nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    To the SJs:

    How is your relationship with your boss? If your boss is the kind that hardly ever interacts with employees, what do you think of him anyway, your perception of him? (I know the boss can be a female, I just get annoyed with those slashes in pronouns.)

    If you don't have one right now, you can talk about a boss from a past job.
    ISTJs are supposed to BE the boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilen View Post
    ISTJs are supposed to BE the boss.
    No. I hate being the boss. Another cog in the wheel, I don't mind being that, though I'm not really thrilled about it.
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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    Thought I'd say something about this, because this was funny last night. My supervisor was telling me about the lack of things the people in my department are doing. She then said, "Maybe I'll have to just give you all lists of things to do each day." I was like, is that supposed to be intimidating? Because to me, that feels incredibly relieving.

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