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    Quote Originally Posted by krentz View Post
    I must say that however unexpected it may seem from a theoretical standpoint, I too must weigh in and express my appreciation for you guys

    Several of my good friends and another, closer one either tested as ISTJ or are likely to be such. What can I say? I find you enigmatic, yet fascinating somehow. You're very dependable for the most part, and where our interests overlap, you often seem to share an appreciation for detail not found in some other types or individuals. Sometimes I feel as though I know so little about you, that when you do decide to open up and share yourselves with me I feel all the more humbled. So, keep on rockin'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Recoleta View Post
    You're welcome. Honestly, (for me, anyway) it's a whole lot easier to say what I think/feel in a forum where I have anominity and where (presumably) I don't actually know any of you. Plus, I'm better with putting my thoughts in writing rather than having to verbally express them spontaneously.

    Truthfully, there are times I wish I had more "deep" conversations with some of my friends. Although they can be exhausting, it feels good once and awhile to share a part of yourself that is almost never seen.

    I totally agree with this quote- anonymity (because of being shy?) is the key to getting to an ISTJ. However, if you already know your ISTJ, and e-mail or even texting would probably suffice (eventually the ISTJ should become more and more comfortable around you) THEN, as long as your around, the anonymity will have less and less of an impact on talking to your ISTJ- but don't expect them to be talkative out in public or when others are within hearing distance!
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