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    I think I have the opposite problem I focus too much on my tangents and hold on to them while other opportunities pass me by.

    How do you guard against really not wanting to do something that is important but mundane?

    Do you burn out all your fun time before hand so that when its actually time to sit down and do it you won't have your mind wander to the more interesting things. I tried a journal too but I end up getting too interested in what I wrote and end up doing like meta journaling.

    Do you think overcoming it is more just working on your Ti or learning how to utilize Te, because I don't think I necessarily can improve my J all that much. To me it just feels like when I'm increasing my efficiency and time usage its more just blocking and delegating things, and that seems much more Te than J I still have my P like impulses and thoughts but it feels like I understand how to transition and how to slot them accordingly.
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    I journaled by simply having my chat program automatically log all my conversations. I have all my chat logs since 2003.. it is indeed interesting to look back at how I was before.
    It definitely is important not to dwell on something negative for too long. I've done that half a year ago. I began to preceive something negative myself and hyperfocused on improving it. This totally destroyed me and I turned empty and depressed.

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    Burn old chat logs and letters. Bad juju.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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