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    Quote Originally Posted by rivercrow View Post
    repressed or shy ENTXs.
    Can you elaborate? Etiology, symptoms -- anything.

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    Speaking as an introvert and a very expressed introvert, I think debating online is very different than debating in groups. I am totally different in person than I am online. In person I get tongue tied and find it hard to put things into words and things move way too fast for me. Dealing with in person interaction is often exahusting. Too much input from others that I cannot control how hard and fast it comes at me, confuses me at times.

    Online I can decide how fast to reply and who to reply to. I can focus on what I want to, when I want to and as much as I want to. That's a big difference. Getting online has been a whole new world to me, as if the limitations of being introverted were taken away and I can speak from directly from my mind into the mind of another (yeah that sounds creepier than I meant it to)

    I think online interaction is very different from real life interaction because it gives a chance to exercise some shadow functions.

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