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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-up Rex View Post
    Yeah son
    We drop rhymes like Byron
    Get them comin at us like we sirens.
    Cause no one in the forum got deductive swagga like that
    ssswagga like that,
    Cmon Alwar cmon and hit me back
    HIT IT

    YouTube - Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

    Check it out
    I'm hip to wit
    An NF's pimp
    Their women fight, for my insight

    You see I'm a grandmaster
    Of global thought
    And most of my knowledge
    Is primarily self-taught

    But first, I gotta, bang bang
    The boogie to the boogie, say up jump the boogie
    To the bang bang boogie, let's drop, those emo props
    Because you know my rational thoughts they just won't stop

    Well, so, far, they've heard my rhyme
    And now they'll hear my song
    Because their argument is faulty
    Their premise is skewed
    And their theory is all wrong

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    Haha. Word. I've decided that a rap battle would probabbly be the best way to handle the NF-NT dispute. Might unfairly tip things in our favor though.

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