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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackOp View Post
    Can anyone share "tips" on how to circumvent my true nature (intj). Finding boring people interesting. It seems this is the one thing I have trouble mastering. I have tried everything and it just gets worse.......
    Being an INT you will be always having that trouble. That's written.

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    I don't understand the question. Why would you want to sustain a conversation that you have no interest in?
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

    It's like a kind of torture,
    To have to watch this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bufo View Post
    Being an INT you will be always having that trouble. That's written.
    part of the reason why INT drug use is so high..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercurial View Post
    Drink until perma-grin sets in.
    Heh. One's "passive" facial expression is very important, I'd recommend cultivating an ever-so-slight smile when in the presence of people who don't know you well (practice in front of a mirror, you shouldn't be too obvious about it or people will think you're about to go for their neck...brownie points to anyone who gets the reference). Then, just make the appropriate short comments/questions that allocate the bulk of the conversation to the other party (you will also need to put on a wider smile at appropriate times, such as when they tell an unfunny joke). People will think you are friendly and a good listener, thereby preventing others from forming hostile feelings towards you simply because you get more entertainment from the stuff going on in your head than the boring stuff coming out of their mouths. After a while, you can relax a bit because first impressions are long-lasting, enabling you to reveal your true personality to people you actually want to spend time with without the risk that they will become hostile before getting to the point where they appreciate you for who you are.
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    In a case that you really have to, try to use it as a test of your verbal/social skills.

    One the other hand I think that there is no conversation that is truly useless if you know how to use logic. (depends on how long conversation actually lasts)

    This is because there is always a possibility that you will come across information that can be good for getting more useful information.

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