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    Default I REALLY need an engineers design type brain! Put this perciever out of his misery!

    I'm building a little 7x14 travel trailer and could really use some help while I'm in the brainstorming process and if I'm being honest I'm trusting this community more than others to help me. There are some things that are confusing like do I make the back fold down door a deck with the bed right there or do I wall it off and use if as something else, if a deck should I build a door and windows into a wall right behind it or what are the pros and cons to that. Here's a basic list though and please let me know if you have thoughts on this:

    4 camera security system (already have)
    6,000 watt battery bank (already have)
    21 gallon fresh water tanks x 2 (already have)
    920 watts of solar (already have)
    Midnite solar charge controller (already have)
    1,500 watt 24v pure sine wave inverter x 2 (already have)
    Instant tankless water heater (already have)
    Full size mattress (already have)
    2x3 Horse trough shower (already have)
    Flame King 2 burner stove (already have)
    Little Buddy heater for when I don't have shore power (already have)
    24V 3 stage charger converter (already have)
    24V to 12V step downs (already have)
    28' monitor (already have)
    Alarm I can switch on in the event I see people tampering via the cameras
    Chest freezer to fridge conversion (already have)
    Window AC unit mounted inside, I have an interesting idea for mounting/using this (already have)
    14' roof vents x 2 (mounted under solar panels so they can be open in the rain)
    4" roof insulation, 2" walls, and 3-4" in the floor
    Propane tanks (mounted in an area with the ac unit back side and hot water heater)
    SHURflo 3.5gpm 45psi water pump (already have)

    Anyway, that's what I have for now but if you can think of any creature comforts or anything I'm missing I would love to hear. I'm going to take the next month to tweak this design and then get started on the actual build.

    I think my biggest struggle right now is how to arrange things. I know this is in many ways simple because it's a small space with a finite number of options but with that said I can't decide which ways to orient the bathroom and bed the latter would depend on the back door choice as I would need a walkway on the side of the bed to access the rear door. I'm not sure if anybody can offer much clarity here but I still figured it was worth asking.

    As a side note the trailer is 14 feet plus a 2 foot v nose and 80" wide.

    Thanks a lot for any help or thoughts on this!


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    It would help if you start off by specifying exactly what you are trying to construct, and what purpose(s) it must serve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    It would help if you start off by specifying exactly what you are trying to construct, and what purpose(s) it must serve.
    Amended the first sentience for clarity.

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    I've put together the conversion bus of my dreams, in my dreams. A lot of thought has gone into it.

    The pieces I see missing are storage, toilet, gray water, black water, ventilation, lighting and Internet access. Weight matters - what kind of vehicle will you be pulling it with (my Jetta can pull 1000 lbs)?

    Do you plan on boondocking (away from civilization), plugged in someplace, for days or months at a time. Work or fun. What will you be doing inside the trailer - computer work, cooking, sleeping, working...?

    What will the weather be like - how much time will be spent outside? What is the hottest and coldest you expect the weather to be when using it? Will you be tying into other people's wifi (directional antenna for your router, or satellite, cell phone, ...). What will be comfortable, is there enough light and ventilation? How much are you willing to move things around (and how often will you have to do it)?

    Storage will be important - what will you be bringing with you, and how accessible does it need to be. The fewer things the better. Total weight - what can the platform support and what can your vehicle pull and aerodynamics.

    In the design, you'll want to start around the most awkward things first - Water/ Sink/ Toilet/ Shower. Front/rear distribution of weight matters (empty and loaded) and water is heavy (keep it low and near the wheels, put the batteries there too).

    There will be times it gets warm in the trailer. You want to design in some kind of ventilation for work, to make sleeping easier, and to just have fresh air. Think about where you'll need it, where it comes in, and where it goes out. You'll need to figure out the airflow you want, and you'll pay extra for quiet and energy efficient.

    What will be on top of the trailer - Solar? Multitask. How about a deck, and you can store some things on top (it will also shade the top of the trailer and make it much cooler inside). Extra weight up top can make the trailer less stable while moving.

    There are ways of designing into modules, and if you use french cleats to attach stuff to the wall, it's relatively easy to move things around.

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