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    I'm relatively intelligent I think? I really suck as sports as a whole, specifically team sports, and am not fantastic at video games (though I never really had a chance to play a lot, it was condemned in my family). I'm pretty quickly overwhelmed by stimulus and the physical world as a whole. Combined with the fact that I have coordination that is well below average, anything athletic that's not just running is pretty much a train wreck for me. I mean, I can't even ride a bike, you think I can move my body to do sports? Not going to happen. The only exception perhaps is badminton and maybe ping pong, both of which I am very mediocre at.

    In my defense, there's also a high probability that I have some sort of sensory processing disorder, so that probably attributes to my physical incapability.
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    Video games are a waste of time anyways. There's worse things in the world than being bad at team sports, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by j.c.t. View Post
    Video games are a waste of time anyways. There's worse things in the world than being bad at team sports, too!
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    I am bad at a lot of sports (especially vollyball), but I am good at team sports. (Except vollyball). Im great at coordinating with people, and I support people I think are more skilled than me/are capable of helping us win. (Like American football or Soccer). The only physical thing I am decent at is throwing/aiming.

    A similar theme applies to certain videogames. Im shit at shooters, but if it requires teamwork I tend to be decent at organizing myself and others to optimize our efficiency. Im actually really hood at Real time stratagy and turn based systems. I used to raid in Wow, and was the 2nd raid leader. Then I learned how to play Mobas, and am generally good at them. I prefer turn based strategy games though. I dislike fast paced action ones because it gives me anxiety.

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    Team sports? No I suck. Except maybe when I used to play paintball but then I was often lurking in the trees as a sniper. So I was indirectly supporting the team. We didn’t pay to play. Pfft. We had an abandoned WWII era military base in a state park for our battlefield. Well at least until the park rangers booted us.

    Video games? It depends on the type of game. I was horrible at the old school side scrolling jump fests. They were my bane. I’m reasonably good at first person shooters though I haven’t played them in years. RPGs are my thing really. Something with a detailed story and multiple branching choices where no decision is made in isolation and no solution leads to a perfect outcome. Like life.
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    My INTP stepson rocks at games, he is 21. My Intj husband is incredibly skilled in strategy games and mediocre in others. I suck in most games. The one that I persevered in, I became at best, mediocre. Complete sensotard.

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    Yep. It's actually something that's troubled me greatly throughout life.

    On the inside, I'm a very energetic person who NEEDS to move, I need excitement, and a team of my own. but on the outside, well, I'm considered disabled. A lot of people who are disabled find soem alternative, some other means to vicariously get excitement. Unfortunately I am also miserably uncoordinated. As a kid I decided to try LARPing, because it's physical but for nerds. Surely they would understand being not great at sports.

    Nope. They screwed me up for life. They were total assholes to me and I've carried an immense hatred for them ever since.
    I would show up and fight two days after knee-surgery and they'd make fun of me for being too slow.
    I'd show up after back surgery-and fight-my only accommodation I asked for be that they not hit me in the back which they proceeded to do every chance they got.
    I'd show up immediately after dialysis which gave me the Mother of all migraines and made me dizzy and they'd laugh at me for generally "sucking."

    I'll never forget the day I got in trouble for refusing to "take a knee" ( I couldn't because I'd just had surgery) in honor of this really whiny girl because she "Took the bus to get here and THAT'S Goddamned admirable!"

    Then came what I thought I'd been waiting for my whole life-Cooperative MMO's. Finally! Something to fill that void, some excitement ( at least what there was to be had from a screen) a change to build the team a always wanted to be a part of-haha no.I am SO bad at these games because again, I am incredibly uncoordinated. I try to work on it but it's bad enough that if it weren't for my other permanent injuries it'd be considered..not quite a disability but definitely limiting. It's a damned good thing for all of society that I have other reasons to not drive.

    So now my friends have this game called "beat saber" my husband goes on and on about how great it is, how it fills that "void" of something that was missing; it's energetic, it's music and lights, and just everything that I know i need in my life. Even if it weren't for the lack of coordination most levels have you bending and squatting. Something I absolutely cannot do.

    I hate it. I hate it so much. I keep hearing all the nerds in the tech world talk about how amazing these new games are; how they are "inclusive" and "For everyone" and I'm left out again. I'm so Goddamned tired of being left out and knowing that I have no outlet, and that there is nothing out there for me to fill the void.

    ... I'm not typically not such a "downer" when I'm not thinking about these things I'm a fairly content person.
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    No, intelligence means being good at everything. If you're intelligent you can't be bad at anything in life, especially video games & team sports. All the bright ones are good at those things.
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    My INTP husband and ENTP son are nosebleed level intelligent. They're excellent gamers but INTP is better than ENTP. ENTP is a natural athlete and is better at team sports like football, track, etc. than INTP. They're both runners but INTP is more dedicated and is a distance runner, as his consistent fitness activity. ENTP is faster in sprints and yes, they've actually unofficially competed with each other, including friendly bets. The two have become partners and competitors in crime which is brilliant to watch.

    Myself, a mediocre athlete in sports except for one which isn't a team sport. A mediocre gamer too unless I get obsessed. Once obsessed, anything's possible if only because of sheer determination.

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    Tis a mixed bag

    Video games: above average sometimes far above average, good reaction time, think quick on my feet (I once played Tekken 6 with zero knowledge how to play, against others who knew how to play and as a newbie I dominated them all... but give me a strategy game and I'll probably suck at it since I'm not usually a super strategic step by step thinker, I'm more likely to just test things out and adapt as I go)

    Stategy: Neglected, poor, but I have it long term like in terms of life goals but it's a big picture thing, I'm not good with details)

    Philosophy/Psychology: above average if not well above average, I find it simply fascinating

    Sports: average, i rarely apply myself in that regard but at certain things I pick it up really quick (like bowling, botchy ball, lightning(shooting basketball hoops for points against others) mini golf and such. But football or something more crazy? Nah
    Only if I have time to calculate first

    School: only if I gave a crap, but if I didn't I generally did suck at it, and also have poor memory, just average at Mathematics because I found it boring for the most part and the more advanced stuff has no utility to me therefore I deem it worthless. Science I liked though and did alot better at, as well as Art(being an artist) I have a high artistic intelligence.

    But when it comes to some common knowledge that alot of people know, usually involving society related things and celebrities and blah blah. I know next to nothing about it. Heck, I don't even have a grip on history either because it's in the past therefore doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is the future.

    Also financial stuff confuses the fuck out of me and is boring but necessary

    People always say I'm "so smart" , another called me a Genius, but I don't always feel that way

    I have a selective intelligence but outside of it I might seem quite ignorant.'

    Goes to show you we have multiple intelligences~
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