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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    ... You have a point.

    Probably 15-30. And it would likely be microeconomics 101 or similar, teaching students how to do the exercises that supplement the lectures that a professor will be giving.

    The INTJ prof I was talking about had to handle 100+ students in this undergrad lecture. I guess I figured Economics would be like the Natural Sciences. Now that I'm taking Arts courses, I have ENFJ profs and they use their Ni, but that's cool when you can interact with students in classes of your size (15-30).
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    My high school science teacher was an INTJ and he was one of the best teachers at the high school I went to. There were several kids who didn't care much for his teaching style, but several kids really liked it. He definately demanded a lot from his students.

    I think some INTJs can make good teachers, but not all of us would be. The problem I'd see with an INTJ teacher would be the tendency to lose the human connection, as teachers should really be able to connect with their students on a personal level, at least in smaller classes.

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    INTJ's can be good at pretty much anything as long as they really devote themselves to it. communication is one of them though and i think as a teacher, that's your no.1 priority.

    if it's business, i can't see the INTJ having to many problems. heck, it'll be better than my finance lecturer. then again i'm an ENFP, and the teacher was a strong S and one with no direction.

    i think you just need to think it out. take some time to structure your classes and it'll be fine. remember to not take yourself too seriously though. students don't react well to boring lecturers. you don't need to force jokes in (in fact that would be a bad idea) but keep your tone light. that and plan group activities within class. they really help to keep the students awake. that's all the advice i have. good luck.

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