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    I want to know if my relationship with an ENTP man seems like there’s promise to transition from a friendship to a romantic relationship. I am an INFJ woman who has known this ENTP since childhood. We’re now in our late 30s. All through school we were in classes and activities together and we knew each other well. In high school we had widely divergent political ideologies and enjoyed debating each other. A lot. We kept in touch mostly through college, but haven’t seen each other much in the last 15 years or so except when we’ve occasionally run into each other, which has always been pleasant. Recently, I sought him out because I wanted his advice on a software decision I’m planning to make, so I found him online and messaged him. He replied the next day and sent a really nice email and suggested we meet up for a beer to talk about it. He was away on business at the time, but we made arrangements to meet last week, which we did. I’ve had a crush on him forever, but after spending time with him, I am really into him now. I do not know if he’s interested in me romantically/sexually or not. I am definitely not his usual type – he seems to go for the athletic adventure girl types (or that’s my interpretation, anyway) and I am a chubby (but hot) homebody. The conversation was great, like it always has been. We caught up on our lives, he actually shared some personal stuff with me which is a little unusual for him. He was slightly self-deprecating in an authentic way. Like, he’s clearly done some introspection and he’s much softer now than he used to be. But he still has that bright intensity that’s so captivating and his wicked smart mind that I adore. He did mention that there’s “a woman he’s dating,” but my impression is that it must not be that serious. Even if he thinks of me platonically, I’m still a single woman and he did invite me out for a beer. When we were talking it was super comfortable and fun and there was never a lull in the conversation at all. He was engaging and asked relevant questions and was quite encouraging to me about this project I'm trying to undertake. There was lots of eye contact and the typical hello-and-goodbye hugs. I told him he looked good. He made no comment on my appearance although, I think I looked damn good and there were a couple other dudes there I think were giving me the eye which he seemed to notice more than I did. Actually, to my knowledge, he has NEVER made a comment about my appearance before. As it turns out, we live a couple blocks from each other. I texted him to ask if he wanted to go to a hockey game with me and it took him a couple days to respond - apparently he was out of town on business (travel is a big part of his job) but he mentioned getting together at a bar in our neighborhood soon. I am terrible at dating and rarely pick up on hints from men. But I just like him a lot. To the ENTPs out there, does this sound like he’s into me? Or is he just being nice to an old friend? What do I do? Thanks for your insight!
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    @Eirene79, I'm going to send you a private message.

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    No offense, but it seems like you're rushing and idealizing things quite a lot here. It sounds like he's just trying to reconnect with an old friend, and nothing you wrote would indicate him being into you in any way. It's not impossible, but I doubt there's any romantic interest at the time of you writing this.

    Sorry if I'm late to comment.

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