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    Default ENTPs, do you always enjoy brainstorming?

    What's your relationship with brainstorming? Do you only enjoy it in a work setting, only in your free time, both or neither?
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    Asking an Ne dom if they like brainstorming? Brave.
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    Brainstorming is for losers and anyone who likes brainstorming deserves to die of smallpox and dysentery.

    How might we go about achieving this? For the former I propose that we find a way to disrupt the process of manufacturing vaccines so that the smallpox virus is not weakened before it is put into the vaccine solution. Meanwhile the dysentery branch of our movement harvests and grows giant cultures of Shigella and Campylobacter bacteria until we have hundreds of tons of biomass, proceeding then to systematically drop it into heavily-interconnected rivers across all continents until everybody dies of smallpox and dysentery. We may kill ourselves in the process but at least those annoying brainstormers would be gone.

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    I find it fun to bounce around ideas, learning from others, also getting my ideas out there. Most of the time, I prefer problem solving and figuring things out on my own. If I rely on others for stuff like that completely, I don't completely learn. I like to do things with little help but it's still a great experience being in a room with creative people spitballing ideas.

    In a group setting, I sometimes struggle to get my ideas out there and communicate them but once I get my foot in the door, it's a great experience.
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    I actually greatly dislike brainstorming sessions because I can usually conceive of whatever ideas are already about to come up before they come up.

    And I have used the words "come up" too many times already.
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    Yes, I love it, until I realize that none of my ideas are viable and will never come to fruition and that I'm essentially perpetually trapped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogata View Post
    I actually greatly dislike brainstorming sessions because I can usually conceive of whatever ideas are already about to come up before they come up.

    And I have used the words "come up" too many times already.
    Ha. Similar, here. I always viewed them as kind of a waste of time - we'd all sit in a room and we'd (*actually I rarely participated since almost nothing was practical/ would ever see the light of day anyway) inevitably end up with a list which I could immediately scratch 98% away for one reason or another, it all was scratched off, and then we'd have 5 things circled at the very end and then nothing would come of it. Or rather, they were usually so broad that in effect nothing came of it and life went on as normal after we left the room. The only positive use I can see for them is that it kind of makes things 'public' for the whole team to experience so that everyone knows everything was 'discussed' and nothing was left unturned, so people don't get upset that that didn't occur (?).
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