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    Default INTP/ISTP question

    Hello. I am an INTP female. I just met this guy and I'm pretty sure he's an ISTP. He's works with his hands.. Very quiet, but does not seem shy. More like, unflappable? I don't know. That's the word that comes to mind. Like he's just watching and he'd be ready for anything if it happened. He loves playing guitar for hours. etc. We have a lot of things in common that are uncommon! At one point, I thought someone told him about my interests and likes. We met and really hit it off. I was the aggressor in terms of kissing him. And I gave him my number. (I don't have his). At one point in the conversation he made a joke about how is is not aggressive AT ALL.

    My question is this: It's been about a week. I really thought we connected and that he would call. Did I read this wrong? I don't *feel* like I did. We have mutual friends. I was going to give things another week and then ask through them what the story was, but am I barking up the wrong tree? If he doesn't call does that denote he's not interested? We live about an hour away from each other too. He doesn't seem like the type to call just to chat. More like, he'd call to make plans. But living so far away, maybe he thinks that would be hard to do? Normally, I'd shrug this kind of thing off, but I really felt like we bonded and I'd like to have him in my life one way or the other.

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    Girl, you kiss too soon. Was that the first night or what?

    It's Mizzz ST, thank you...

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