So, basically, in the last couple of weeks I realised that I been falling for an INTJ friend I have. He is the other best-friend of my best-friend, if that makes sense. We used to not talk before but we're getting closer to each other now. I really enjoy how our conversation flows as we have kind of the same mentality, with just a few differences.

The main problem we have, is that he is a guy and so am I, while I'm more open about it, he is a little more close-minded but he did say something that made me not just ignore the feeling and get over it, was that, just like me, believes that people fall in love with the soul and mind of a person, that gender is not that important. Before I get carried away, just wanted to ask for some advice from you INTJs and also find someone else who has or has had a relationship with a ISTJ and how it was.(English is not my birth language so I apologise for grammar mistakes.)