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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtual ghost View Post
    Just as I said, I am simply curious about how different enneagram types manifest in ENTJ type.

    If it means anything 6 and 9 are considered to be natural match.
    Fascinating. Simply fascinating.

    We seem to fit quite well together. Words are not necessary. We intuitively get where the other is without having to say a word.

    ENTJ's fascinate me. INFP's can have very raw, crude and sarcastic humor which does not fit our dreamy/idealistic image. Yet ENTJ's get our humor...and seem to appreciate it!

    ENTJ's can banter like no other type. And ENTJ's give us INFP's a run for our money regarding IQ levels.

    You may even have us beat.

    He is going slower than ANY man I have ever been with in my life. I almost took it he was not interested. But like I said...he keeps coming back. Even after I gave him the ultimate test. He passed with flying colors.

    I feel extremely blessed to be in his life. He has my utmost respect and admiration. He is a great family man, great leader in the community, great at managing money, genuine and honest. And did I mention extremely capable? Par excellence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hetaira View Post
    ENTJ's are a very misunderstood type.

    They appear to have the heart of a marshmallow surrounded by 20 ft. iron gate walls.

    Brilliant, strategic, wise, all-knowing, intuitive and a degree of fortitude not to be reckoned with.

    My ENTJ is very misunderstood by many people. Bless his heart, he is clueless why others in his life are not able to "see" the real, genuine giving man he is.

    He would die trying to help someone in his close inner circle.

    But to be in that circle, he must know you will never abuse the power he has placed on you to be in that inner circle of trust.

    Once burned, he will truly try to destroy that poor individual.

    I greatly appreciate the ENTJ more than any type.

    Passionate, loving, loyal and heroic.

    You ROCK, ENTJ's!!
    Funny, I've described myself as a stone heart surrounded by marshmallows. But, I might not be an ENTJ. Who knows.

    In any case, we can agree about the concrete block / fluffy niceties -duality of the ENTJ.

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    Problem is that ENTJs get picked on their Fi when they are confused. They become easy prey to emotional damage.

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