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    Default Default Ever have these N Momments?

    (first posted by myself in the NF section)
    First off, I'm not 100% sure this is an iNtuitive trait, or rather just a weird psychological phenomenon..

    So here's the deal..sometimes I'll be doing something..talking to someone, hearing about something, reading about something, whatever it may be where I am gaining information, a symbol will come to me relating to the topic, which comes without any thinking..I do it unconsciously without even trying to..and when I do realize it, I am absolutely astonished that my brain can pick out a metaphor related to what I may be paying attention to without out me even purposely trying to..another phenomenon that occurs to me sometimes, which I'm sure is an N trait, and can occur when I'm taking in information, and without signaling my brain to do it, I will spontaneously get a verse of lyrics from a song that will instantly come to me related to what I may be thinking about, and not just lyrics about what I'm actually thinking about, but lyrics with metaphors and symbols, which is amazing, and I never intend it to happen, but it does all of the time..

    Anyways, I hope you understand what I'm saying, and I want to know if this ever occurs to anyone else..

    -I posted this thread, firstly, in the NF section, as an attempt to ask ALL N's.

    (by the way- sorry for the "default" in the title..happened when I was transferring this over from where I first posted it in the NF section.)

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    This happens to me very often and in the extreme.

    Sometimes with people or abstact ideas, but especially with emotions and moods. Emotions and moods can have colors, patterns, music, texture/tactile, scents, symbolic objects. Not usually all at once.

    It is hard to describe the experience. It seems real, yet I know it is all in my head, but not really an hallucination. The visual aspects are clearly in my mind, but the auditory is not always as obvious. It can sometimes seem like it is faint background music coming from somewhere, but my experience tells me it is only my own personal soundtrack I here. I have learned not to ask other people if they hear music, so they don't think I am crazy.

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one. I have read the posts on the NF section. I seem to be the only NT here that gets this. I think I have a pretty strong Fi though.

    That make two things I am more like an NF than an NT, this and not being a skeptic (I am a New Ager.)


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    Does watching porn and have a spider crawl across the computer screen count?...then yes. Seriously though, it happens all the time.....One that seems to re-occur is police sirens in the distance when I'm thinking about certain people.

    I was discussing with a friend (on-line) about a movie idea....covert assassinations of CEOs the run corrupt corporations. The working title was "DragonHead". As I was typing that title.....David Letterman says the word "dragon" in his monologue. It was spooky..... There is definitely something going on we dont fully understand...just get quick reminders. Makes me wonder if it is omni-present yet our receptors arent sensitive enough to process it.....and those whose are, are termed "clairvoyant".

    Heres an interesting idea I have been wrestling with...I was reading if a 4th dimension actually exists, objects in our 3rd dimensional world would appear out of thin air. We wouldnt be to process the source with our available five senses....just the changes. Could this be the root of what we call "Karma"...or coincidences? I'll give an example: There was a girl (who I now realize was a sociopath)...I was brainstorming an inadvertent crisis that she ultimately was the source of. She drove a black VW Passat. I was driving, contemplating the situation and there was black Passats EVERYWHERE. I mean I must have seen 12-15 of them in five the point of it being a ridiculously overt message. They were next to me, in front of me at stoplights...going the other way. I though I was losing my mind. Take it for what its worth......
    "A species of perfection and fantasy"......

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    I get the thing with the lyrics a lot of the time. Sometimes, I will realise that I'm humming a tune and when I track it back to where it started off, I find that it is related to something I thought/read/heard hours ago. I will have been humming it ever since without noticing.

    There is another example of what I thought might be an 'N' trait - when I can't quite remember a word (usually a name), I'll say 'it was a bit like X'. Then when I finally remember the actual name, I can see the connection between it and 'X' but the person I was talking to can't see any connection at all. I often get the response 'but that's nothing like X!' Most other people I know tend to expect the 2 words to sound similar rather than being related concepts.
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    My vague intuitions are accurate about 99% of the time when their accuracy becomes testable. Predicting things, coming up with theories based on almost no data, that kind of thing. And I can't pin down and explain why I come to many conclusions (which turn out to be true).

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