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    Default Why ENTPs are way more confident than INTPs?

    I am INTP and one of my freinds is ENTP and he appears to be way quite confident.

    Both types have relatively similar cognitive function stack but ENTP end up more confident than their brother type INTP. I know that Si can be my best source of confidence since I feel like I am more assertive when I have high energy and using Si. (It includes awareness of my body). On the other hand Si is even less mature in ENTP. So what exactly makes ENTP more confient than INTPs in terms of cognitive functions? Their dominant Ne? Trickster (7th) Fi since they can be kind of dicks deep inside? Because their Se in not trickster (7th)? What is it?

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    Well without addressing function stacks, I can share why I believe us to be confident.

    I knew early on I was different from most of my peers, I understood things quickly, was very mature early, could debate with teachers early on and even change their point of view.

    After being aware I was different, I knew that I had to adapt to to fit in socially. Mirror and matching others behaviors was common for me. This allowed me to fit into any group, athletes, academics, gangsters and artistic types.

    Being so witty, I was always being told how smart I am by adults. Being so adaptive, I was always told how funny I was or how sweet I was. When you grow up hearing these things constantly, I think feeds confidence. I think that INTPs have all these qualities but are shy about speaking up so no one really knows how they really are. I was always for the most part very open minded and non judgmental. When someone would talk bad about someone or something, I found myself always questioning them why they felt that way and always proposed to look at from a different perspective. Example, when someone would say about a bully, "I hate that guy, he's such a dick!" I would say,"Do you know him?, why would you say that if you don't know him? Maybe someone is being a dick to him at home, you don't know. If you got called one thing over and over you might start believing it to and acting out. So quit being an asshole ". Being like this made me very popular, which boosted my confidence early on. Make sense?

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    both are intelligent and intuitive but entp's are good at interacting with people, they are less inside their heads, which makes them look more confident

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