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    I have an INTJ friend who is an incredibly religious Catholic.
    He strongly believes in the moral code of the religion and considers it the best way to live life. He doesn't impose his views on other people and he's a great person to argue with! The thing I like about him best is that he is tolerant of those who don't follow the same views he does. The only religious people who bother me are those who are intolerant of other views. He has plans to get a PHD in Theology.

    Not all NTs are atheists..keep that in mind.

    On the other side, I have another INTJ friend who strongly opposes religion and he was raised in a strongly religious Catholic family. On the other hand, he was also raised in an SJ-ish environment in terms of Catholicism while I don't think my other friend was. He's a hardcore atheist and he's pretty intolerant of those who are religious...

    In terms of NTs and religion, I think it matters by the way religion is brought upon you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uytuun View Post
    I think you are. :p

    INTJs tend to believe and then try to find a rational way of defending that belief, but they believe first and foremost. There's a decided affinity with the spiritual in the type, even though that need not be equated with organised religion and can be very idiosyncratic.

    I once knew a very religious and wholly convinced INTJ.
    Heh. I'm religious, but you won't find me stepping into a church unless I'm dragged there... probably kicking and screaming the whole way. But that's a long story in and out of itself.

    One of my good friends whom I would consider to be a mentor is a religious and very convicted INTJ. It's interesting because his beliefs influence the way he acts towards people and it's not too difficult to tell that he has given these beliefs thought.

    Another friend of mine is an ENTP secular atheist. Not all NTs are atheists and not all NFs are religious.
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