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    I sometimes pump hand soap onto my toothbrush.
    I always notice before I put it in my mouth. (smell)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stellar renegade View Post
    Apparently the star of this show: Doc Marten is an INTJ.

    Three minutes into that episode he walks right into a door. BAM! Hahahahaha.
    I'm watching this now, it's funny, INTJs are jerks though lol. add to the thread...

    My entp dad backed his truck up into my car. In day light. My car is white.

    Talk radio was certainly involved.
    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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    Looking back I realize that it was after too many embarrassing 'sensotard' incidents that I started to develop my Si in earnest. I started setting up a framework around me that would help lessen the chances of me getting caught out. e.g. made sure I never mislaid my keys again by putting a dedicated recepticle near the front door and forcing myself to put my keys there everytime until it became an unconscious habit.
    Started consciously telling myself 'I am shutting the front door and locking it' and never giving in to the voice that told me that I would remember to retrieve the car keys that I had put down in the boot before I closed it.
    Now I'm totally together with mundane stuff like that. I appear competent and organized in my sphere of influence, so much so that I was mistyped as a 'J' by myself and others for awhile.

    One recollection:
    I was in my 'no-one messes with me stage of life' when my mother and I went shopping one day. We couldn't find a parking spot near the store we were visiting which annoyed me, so after having walked some distance, I spotted a park very close to the store. I made my mother go back and get the car while I stood in the space so that no-one else could grab it. While she was gone a car attempted to pull into the space but I wasn't going to budge, this was MY space. The driver smiled at me, reversed back a couple of feet and pulled into the empty space next door, the one I hadn't noticed.

    I think what was so painful for me was the inability to laugh at myself during these incidents. I just felt humiliated and stupid, above all INTP's never want to appear 'stupid'. Of course I can look back and laugh now and if do find myself being a 'sensotard' at least now I can control the blushing - maybe?
    'It's the question that drives us, Neo. It's the question that brought you here.... The answer is out there, Neo, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.' Trinity

    Agent Brown: 'Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions.'

    'Maybe the questions are right, we just don't like the answers'

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    I'm not sure if this counts, but I'm goin for it anyways.

    The other day I was watching the guy I'm dating (ENTP) take apart a friend's laptop to replace a screen. I started talking to him about how something happened to the screen on my old laptop, and how my boss at the time was nice enough to help me fix it.

    Several minutes of silence later, with the conversation we just had still whirling around in my head, I walked up and started making out with him (out of sheer boredom, of course). Out of the corner of my eye, I was reading the website he had up on his own laptop, which was a step-by-step guide on how to take apart the particular model he was working on. The way he was going about fixing it was the exact same way my boss went about fixing my laptop. Which is probably the norm for this kind of thing, but the thought never occured to me since it was only the second time I watched a laptop being taken apart ... so it struck me as interesting anyways. So without thinking, and while I'm still making out with him, I go: "Hah. Funny. This is exactly what my boss was doing when he was fixing my laptop."

    He stopped kissing me, gave me a bewildered look, and goes: "Say wha--? He was making out with you when he was fixing your laptop?!"

    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    that's sounds like more of a Te-tard for the both of you.
    not being 'on the same page' mentally.

    but it's a good story either way.
    we fukin won boys

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    Ok, guy driving down street looks at 2 UPS trucks on side of road to see whats going on. In the process of turning his head he also turns his steering wheel, hits a curb, and blows his tire. He is now the one on the side of the road while people look at him to see what happened
    Im out, its been fun

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    My co worker and I were joking around about locking your keys in your car this morning. She thought she had but hadn't. I was telling her that I do this on pretty much a monthly basis.

    So, I went out for a quick cigarette break about two hours later and sure enough.....

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    I was cooking dinner. A simple dish I've done for years. After it was cooked I noticed that I didn't add one important ingredient that I had been staring at a while ago.

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    Last night I was in a small gas station, talking about how a bottle of water five times the size of another one of the same brand was only 40 cents more, and I decided to open the case to demonstrate this. Unfortunately, I forgot to move my head out of the way, causing a head-on collision and 15 seconds of laughter on my part.
    [ Ni > Ti > Fe > Fi > Ne > Te > Si > Se ][ 4w5 sp/sx ][ RLOAI ][ IEI-Ni ]

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    I drove three hundred miles, to go visit my brother on the otherside of the state. I got there and we had decided to get some dinner. On our way to the restaurant I got a phone call from my father. I didn't pick it up fast enough so I missed it, but he calls my brother soon after. My brother turns around in the car and asks me if I have my wallet. I check my back pocket, where it normally is, I stop, and ask "where is it?" I had lost it on some stairs that I went down that morning.

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