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    Man, it's like half of us are playing tennis and expecting an immediate volley and the other half are playing golf and judging things by how far we've patiently advanced through the course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonia View Post
    I value directness in any intimate relationship. I can read innuendo fairly well, but to me it implies distrust to not be direct. Reading innuendo takes more effort, and the people closest to me need to be my resting place. For me direct communication works best when you approach it without pent-up feeling. Just approach it like problem solving and honesty.
    When we were out shopping one day (one of my rare trips to the mall), my wife pointed down into a jewelry case at a certain ring and said "I really want that one."

    For which I was grateful, as she had a birthday coming up, and she knows very well by know that I can't take a hint worth diddly. Subtle, unsubtle, obvious...they all go straight over my head because I get too busy processing verbal face-value information to analyze the context and other aspects of the interaction that constitutes a hint...and because my skills at such analysis are vestigial at best.

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