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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    I literally set my account to not show people's types.

    Oh. In that case, I'm an ENTP (think I got it right this time).
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    Let's face it - intuition is all about "educated guessing". That scares people because it seems to fly in the face of logic. People that are sticklers for logic get offended by things that "shirk" their understanding of the world at large because they believe their critical thinking skills are superior. Only problem is, once you are so superior to everyone else that you prevent yourself from being able to appreciate things that don't fit into your "logic structure" you've handicapped your logic system.

    My intuition scares people on a regular basis. I have realized that there's only so much time I can spend trying to convince someone of the value of it so I usually keep the real scary ideas to myself and apply them to my own projects. That way, when something "works" or shows itself to be beneficial, I've just reaped the rewards and everybody thinks I did something important.
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