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    Default Dealing with stress and constant fear of impending failure

    I am brand new to the boards as I just signed up today. A bit of a background on me:

    I am 28 years old. I grew up playing sports, primarily basketball which I have been obsessed with ever since. I had a basketball court in my backyard which i spent countless hours perfecting a shot I knew I had to perfect to be a competent basketball player as a short unathletic white guy in a game dominated by tall long athletes.

    I graduated University with a degree in Economics and 3 minors in International affairs, Business and Psychology. I took a job after college working in a theme park which caused me such an undue amount of stress with the constant extroversion that I eventually just quit and then did nothing for a while. I became consumed with playing online starcraft strategy games and became so obsessed with it that I had a psychotic break from reality and ended up in a behavioral hospital for a month. I got better but gained weight because of the meds they put me on. This was 5 years ago.

    Since then My life has been up and down. 2 years ago I took a job working for a big insurance company in automobile claims which paid well but the workload was too much as well as the stress(literally dealing with auto accidents). I quit that job and now I am an Uber driver which I love because of the independence.

    My basic problem is that I always compare myself to my ESTJ successful father who was a lawyer at a Big Law firm. He is now a politician and so successful that I see nearly everything I do and compare it to what he was doing at the same age and I am afraid I just don't measure with the level of success.

    I think part of the problem is that we both measure success differently. for me, Being an INTP, the pinnacle of success means being a pioneer in a field as an academic or founding a company that changes the world for the good. For him it was to climb the ranks of a big company and attain status and then move beyond that to attain status in the community. We have always clashed on issues and debated constantly on nearly everything. However, at the root of it we still have a good relationship because I think we respect each other's opinion.

    My mom was an ISFP and she is the greatest woman ever in my mind. I love my mom dearly and we have always had a great relationship. I still have not found a girl that is anything like my mom but when I do I will not let her go.

    Moreover, For nearly every job I have held I have become bored with it after a while or quit due to the stress. I cannot take any more jobs in call centers I have decided and sales is just not in my blood.

    I thought I wanted to work in accounting and finance and I am taking some classes in it for the time being at a local college but this stuff simply isnt as interesting as Econ was for me.

    I really dont know where I should go for from here in my life. I think I want to start my own business but I dont know how and I havent any idea to go off on. I want to go to graduate school but I need to get the rest of my life in order first.

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    Perhaps being a professor and researcher of economics would be ideal for you?
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    Work with children. They are fucking hilarious. Not advice to you per say. Just something I enjoy. You might enjoy it too.
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