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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    I tend to clash with many, if not most, INTP males. A few have an aura of kindness and warmth about 'em and those are the ones I happen to like/adore.

    However, I do tend to really love female INTPs, (my best friend being one) they're more intelligentle than their male counterparts.

    In general, I have difficulty in communicating with Ti doms, and that might be a contributing factor as to why I couldn't see myself in a romantic relationship with one (an INTP).

    If the INTP was socially well adjusted and kind-spirited, I could see a relationship potentially work.

    Lol, and on a psychological note, my father was a hardcore, socially maladjusted INTP, my disdain for him probably contributes to my general distaste for the (male) type.
    Must have skimmed over this at first, but it's interesting.

    How exactly does the Ti affect you? Do you see them as too "details" oriented or something?
    This is especially of interest since some people have thought I was ENFP (because of my "enthusiasm" at times), but I don't see any such negative association with Ti. (Instead, Fi seems to have a more negative role, though it is somewhat strong, as the CP test reflected).
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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix13 View Post
    I'm curious... what's up with INTP/ENFP attraction?
    There's none that I can speak of.

    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    Well calling someone insecure is most of the time a sign of insecurity
    Yes, a sign of insecurity in the person you're calling insecure.

    It really is a disciplined universe.
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

    It's like a kind of torture,
    To have to watch this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix13 View Post
    The INTJ/ENFP attraction thread was cool. Now I'm curious... what's up with INTP/ENFP attraction? It's a completely open-ended question, but I'm especially curious about the initial attraction (before the "love" part... if there ever is one).
    This is interesting because I have a real weakness for ENFPs.

    What Gen said resonates - I click with ENFPs like no other type. It's like the rest of the world just disappears when you're with them. I think they make most people/types feel this way though.
    Just wish they weren't so damned unreliable and inconstant. Also, don't expect an INTP/ENFP couple to get anything done - it's a procrastination party.

    I've sometimes wondered if the strength of the attraction is just my shadow looking for completeness/balance through symbiosis, rather than something that could lead to real mutual growth.

    My sister is an ENFP and she falls for ENTPs in a big way, but it isn't healthy, she regresses into an introverted/insecure version of herself when she's with one.

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