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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    I intuited that you were on about the Russian Mafia from your original post. Why did I err?
    You did not err. There is the link to the boys in the security services there.
    The link is so pass close you do not know where to the one begins and the other ends.
    It is, superficially seen, a chaotic picture.
    Who owns Russia? The Cheka.
    And they own the mob.
    So it is a Russian mob. You are right.

    The ideal of Lenin lives. The Internationale. The com intern. And the com inform.
    And Russian is the lingua Franca.

    They have the host countries and the client countries.

    In the host countries the police is throughly corrupted and is employed in their service.
    The evil that men do lives after them The good is often interred in their bones.
    So it is with Suslov and Andropov.

    The Powers that Be use them and are used by them.

    Armenia and Georgia and Bulgaria and Serbia do not belong to Russia.
    Their mobsters do.

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    It says in the link Xander gave me that the mobsters aligned with the authorities.
    I see it more the other way around. The Cheka aligned with them.

    The article says next to nothing about their goods. What do they sell?
    What are the articles they offer? Where are they hidden?

    It says they own forty per cent of the wealth.
    Who owns the other 60 per cent? The Cheka.
    What is it? Oil and gas.

    The Cheka is a criminal organization.

    Where does the Cheka end and the Mob begin?

    The Cheka does not end.
    The Mob does not begin.

    It is an alliance, yes. But in the red there is as much green as there is green in the red.

    Are there free businessmen in Russia at all? I do not think so.

    Can one pay the tribute? One may try.
    And fail. The old Cheka trick.

    And since you cannot pay you are incorporated.
    In the service of the common good.

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    A byway.

    In their allotted time the Etruscans had it good. Too good.

    The rebellion in Rome was discussed repeatedly in their councils.

    The Concilium of the Twelve turned down the plea for an intervention.

    The southern outpost was not significant.

    In the North, the Etruscan remained strictly the vernacular of the Etruscans. It was not adopted by the upper classes of the subjucated population.

    In Rome it was different.

    Two thirds of the local patrician class embraced the custom and the language of the invaders.

    Hence their downfall.

    The Latin takeover was not a revolution. It was a coup.
    In the family.

    Everything remained as it had been before.

    I have read Livy invented the tale of Romul and his brother Rem to please Octavian.

    Livy did not invent anything.

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    What is the fundamental difference between the Occident and the Orient?
    T rules in the Occident; F rules in the Orient.

    But there are always the exceptions.

    Take Japan.
    The epitome of the ESTJ culture.

    Japanese was one of the first languages I studied. I still remember a little bit, although I have forgotten most of it.

    My interest sprang from the idea that Japanese and the Uralic can be related. Ultimately they may have a common parent language.

    Today I know my hunch was correct.

    In the early 60s I was a stalker. I was hunting for the Japanese.
    One day I encountered a group of tourists on the lookout for a good restaurant.

    I was in a need to exercise what I had learned and they were in a need of a good guide. Our interests matched beautifully. We had a pleasant time.

    They did fool me all right.

    Five years later I was employed in a company that had a lot of business dealings with the Japanese.

    One day I was to meet a group of five in a hotel lobby. I had the cab waiting outside.
    I had been given instructions.
    To bow to the eldest man first. Not to shake hands. Then to bow to the second eldest etc.

    It went all wrong.
    I bowed to the wrong man first.

    I was not fired.
    I had the presence of mind to give my notice.


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