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    Quote Originally Posted by D'Ascoyne View Post
    [Cross-posting here for the xNTPs]

    What is it like for you to use these functions? Please describe the combination in as much concrete detail as possible. I'm not turning up any descriptions online that are to my intellectual satisfaction and I'd really prefer to hear thoughts of what these two functions are like in action.

    In my mind, I imagine using Ti+Si/Si+Ti must be like having an electronic library catalogue system of call numbers, finding the stack, the shelf, the book(s), flipping it open, then being able to refer to the information at hand. But that's just a figment of my imagination.

    What is it like for you?
    Having Si at the inferior position in the stack can become draining. When you described your Si as being like an electronic library mine is more like an old rolodex that's scribbled on and only semi organized. If "Si" is like a professional basketball game and dominant/aux Si users are like NBA/NCAA basketball players, then in the Si game I'm like the short sweaty fat kid on the court trying to keep up with the pros.

    My Ti is way more attuned to my Ne and I know that's true for INTPs too but it's drastically more true for me. When I try to organize my 'rolodex' or pretend practice as a short fat kid for a pro basketball game it's taxing my energy to put it mildly. Concrete example? At work there are several documented procedures that have to be followed like certain standards. Ideally they would like everyone to follow things perfectly but that doesn't work for me. I use the procedures as guidelines they establish "boundaries" of what I can do. I understand the logical reasoning behind the procedures but then take that understanding and apply it to my own custom method of doing things. I just make sure I meet the minimum requirements but then allow myself to have the freedom to improvise.

    I basically see things like procedures and standards as largely hindrances, particularly if they restrict the freedom to improvise, where as someone with better Si would see them as hugely useful such as my ISFJ colleague. It's all in perception. I recognize why standards exist especially since we work on life saving medical devices. In my view they are a deterrent for incompetent people.
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    Many thanks to all for sharing! Hope you'll keep on doing as the thoughts come to you. I'm very interested in these two functions so am trying to learn as much as I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libra_Rising View Post
    It wouldn't be much of a stretch if I said that information is absorbed via osmosis.
    This nails it for me at least. I don't ask myself, "where have I seen something similar?," rather I immediately see similarities everywhere that are generally related to prior strategies to reach some end-goal. "Osmosis" fits because, for me, I do not consciously try to do this... it just happens.

    A weakness, as my good friend once described, is that I appear to have "selective memory." I can recall quite detailed observations related to my current observations, so long as the prior observations were material to some prior analysis / strategy. If not, it is difficult for me to recall, and I may not actively "observe" the detail until actively spending energy to do so.

    On the job, when I need to go into detail mode, it's coffee time with fast-paced music to get me energized. When I force myself to dredge through detail though, it's amazing how past observations just pop into my head.

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