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    Default "optimal" amount of day-dreaming?

    Have any of you noticed there being an "optimal" amount of day dreaming?

    Sometimes I can get completely carried away by my dreaming and will have designed all sorts of fake gadgets and an entire imaginary (usually utopian) world in my head where people don't have to work and they do whatever they want to without worrying about how to feed themselves.

    In the imaginary world, there is always synthetic telapathy, and synthesizers that can mass produce anything that can physically be made just through specification that is essential thought.

    It actually gets really silly, with me walking around making funny noises that I think the technology would make, hand-motions indicating operation, and other rather childish behavior--You'd think I was a three-year-old.

    However, if I try to force myself to focus, I end-up losing all motivation to do any work, and don't even want to get out of bed.

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    I think its an INXP thing. I am basically always in a state of daydreaming I cant be 100% focused in the physical realm. However being really focused on something usually involves me paying my undivided attention to it while also daydreaming a good amount about what ever it is that grabs my attention. I need to have periodic daydreams frequently to maintain my focus, in the absence of this my attention and recall of anything is next to nil.

    maybe its a way of processing information that runs parallel to reality. you need both to create an accurate representation of the world. Those who are more extroverted and sensors have a lesser need to frequently undergo this process in order to comprehend what they are seeing. If I don't create an elaborate story with my imagination I will have an exceedingly difficult time comprehending and recalling information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    I sometimes have to concentrate to keep myself from wandering off into my imagination while listening to lectures.
    Doesn't everyone? Daydreaming is a great way of dealing with boredom... or lack of an ability to concentrate, due to sleep deprivation.

    My daydreams usually come in the form of alternate endings to situations. Like, "what would have happened if...". Only then they go in a weird direction (not like magic-type weird, but like and-then-he-got-hit-by-a-car weird... you know, weird in a mostly plausible way). Maybe that's an S thing, to have it so grounded in reality?
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