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Thread: Star Trek

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    I totally agree Spirilis. In fact, I said similar in my previous post but deleted it for fear of being thought self-indulgent

    I used to only like the original, and then I took to TNG pretty quick, but the others I never liked until a friend gave me his collection of the entire of DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, so I started watching them all in sequence when I was at a loose end from time to time. Some of the storylines in Voyager are strong, but they're let down I think, by the weak characters - there's only really Janeway, 7 of 9 and the doctor that have any sorta charisma, IMO. I couldn't give a shit what happens to the rest of 'em. But I got hooked on DS9 after about the middle of the second season. I don't think it started to live up to its potential until then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    Well now, being French myself, but having lived in the UK for a looooong time, I speak English with a British accent most of the time. But when drunk or tired, I do revert to French without realizing it.

    Perhaps it's the same for Picard. Poor chap.

    BTW I like your avatar. That's the dude that killed Tasha - I never liked her anyway!
    Well yeah, but he only does it on the singing part...

    Yes, Skin of evil is probably one of my favourite TNG episodes, it's so star trek you can't believe it's TNG! I mean, Picard beams down to the surface and deals with the tar monster him self!


    Regarding the different series, I feel personally that TNG is all in all the best of them. The "problem" with TNG is that, in my experience at least, because of the lack of a progressive story that runs from the seasons, it's hard for people that aren't into star trek to get into it. Voyager though, it's the least thought provoking, but it's a bit easier getting into because it's more similiar to current series running on TV right now, though it's a bit lacking on the thought provokingification... (eh...)... Though I have to admit that the most thought provoking star trek episode ever, in my opinion that is, was a Voyager episode.
    DS9 however, i never got into it the same way i got into TNG and VOY, though it was a very interesting series. I liked the fact that ferengis got more room in the drama, and e.t.c.

    I think TOS deserves a mention of honor here, TOS is always going to be awesome, no matter how ridiculous some of the episodes are. When I was kid, sometime around the mid-nighties, I watched it every day after school, back then, it was the single coolest thing I'd ever seen on TV.
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