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    What a beautiful post, Provoker. I'm very sorry you went through that but please keep your head up and stay positive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    This comment isn't about your particular situation because only you know what went on there and I'm sorry to hear about your pain but it is not accurate to say that when something goes wrong in a relationship that it absolutely cannot be taken apart and looked at to see what items can be worked on and communication improved. This is what couple's therapy is all about and it really does work for some people.
    That gives me hope. It's good to be reminded that sometimes relationships may be salvaged, depending on how broken they are. I was being a bit unrealistically pessimistic. I used to feel that relationships were always capable of being fixed until I ended up in one that wasn't. I always hated the idea of love being disposable and couldn't stand the thought of people being so impatient about it that they would stop trying to fix it when it wasn't working properly, but each partner can only do so much. Without cooperation, it can be impossible, and lately I believe that some people are just incompatible no matter how hard they try to get along. If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have felt differently.

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    I could have written that, Snail.

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    I could have written that as well, Snail.
    "My mom told me there was a weirdo on every bus, but I never could find him." Emo Phillips

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    This post touched me, but if you had said that to me in person, I would have been able to sympathize more deeply. I'm wondering: Would you label my behavior a facade? The world is certainly strange and very cruel at times, but it might be beneficial for you to analyze your post in the near future- just to see if you still ascribe so much negativity to such a wide range of people and ideas. Emotions can distort your perception, and the stronger they are, the more foggy things become. I doubt that this post represents your true philosophy.

    The heart is designed to bounce back; that's just the way it is.

    I guess the point is that as your pain begins to fade out, the rest of the world will come into focus again. The real mask in this situation is the veil of malice that seems to be covering everything that you consider. I believe that this is an illusion, and it will pass.

    Thank you for explaining yourself to us.

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