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    Loved watching this! I think this is actually a great idea for everyone to learn of the other types. Everyone should totally do this and literally just post videos about themselves rambling about whatever nonsense, and just seeing their thought process and communication style on video, would be a great way to see a real example of each type. I love when you mentioned when something must not have been important enough for you to remember because I literally use that all the time to explain why some things escape my memory. Being an ENFP, I always lose my train of thought. I am actually impressed you were able to redirect your thoughts back to the original topic on multiple occasions, since many times I wouldn't even be able to do that! Once I get sidetracked, it's only about a 50/50 chance I'll catch myself and redirect my thoughts like you did.

    Ne is fun ain't it?!
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    Did not love watching. Do not think its great idea. Nobody should do it. It would not be a great way to see each type.

    Ne isn't fun, just a useless attention seeking waste of energy.

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    Being an xNTP female, we may interact differently with our environment, process differently than a typical NT. Coming across as higher fe at first definitely applies because of the expectations others have had on other. Putting emphasis on word usage, association, what it reminds us of, is a step towards channeling how to integrate into the world, rather than tap into the here-and-now. And the way we spawn ideas, and the ideas lead to creation or how we express ourselves. I can relate to seeing something from a different angle, then people looking at me like I have three heads. NTs of the female variety may be more nurturing than a stereotype, or that's my case.

    And the areas where we don't fit typical roles of being female, society frowns upon this. In the future, I don't see myself having kids of my own, even though I do like other kids, but a lot of people push for a traditional family. Or being expected to like clothes/accessory shopping and finding that a snorefest. I do find with dominant (or else auxiliary ne if we are going to get technical with the type I'm wearing on my profile and type functional boxes) ne working together with fe even if lower, plus E9 I can see multiple perspectives, and that there is not just one mode of being. Adjusting is complicated but fe influence has definitely helped. With getting sidetracked by similar but unrelated things and going off on tangents, it drives other people crazy. It is a sign I'm in an environment I can be myself when I can verbalize those things. A lot of the thoughts are incoherent but it's spouting out about facts about an interest. While being very awkward, I am very careful about how I interact with others in a group setting.
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