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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    oh by others, for sure. I see myself totally as a normal person, to whom some extraordinary stuff has just happened... granted this gives me some unusual perspectives on usual things, but I'm not crazy ffs, I'm still a sane human being and not so damn different as people make me out to be.

    doesn't mean i don't sometimes let the comments as to my oddness go to my head and get all proud of what a unique individual I am ... but reality checks happen where I introspect and figure out what's going on in me, then find a textbook says word for what virtually, what I wrote in my journal, as standard ENTP behaviour!!

    ehhh they got ten o' me round the back, ha!
    The MBTI textbook, ah, I see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldanen View Post
    I'm thinking about how awesome eating salsa straight out of the jar is. And it's organic at that! :O OMG!
    I put salsa on spaghetti by accident once. Surprisingly not horrible.
    Extremes: Need To Pursue

    I like my cars fast, my music loud, and my women even faster and louder!

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    My current preoccupations, are attempting to derive some sort of meaning from old Bob Dylan and Beatles songs, exploring the psychology of human behaviour, composing music on my computer, etc.

    I guess at this current juncture a lot of sensate activities.
    Good Dog Nigel

    Arf, arf, he goes, a merry sight,
    Our little hairy friend,
    Arf, arf, upon the lampost bright
    Arfing round the bend.
    Nice dog! Goo boy,
    Waggie tail and beg,
    Clever Nigel, jump for joy
    Because we're putting you to sleep at three of the clock, Nigel. -John Lennon

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    Wondering if there is a way to replace or repair all "deffective" alleles to make the perfect person.

    Ive been watching frankenstein

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    Just replace/repair your expectations, and presto!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Wondering if there is a way to replace or repair all "deffective" alleles to make the perfect person.

    Ive been watching frankenstein
    Engineer your own super-retrovirus, have it change the DNA of every cell in an embryo, nurse the embryo to viability and presto! You've got yourself a version of a "perfect" human.
    The enemy's gate is down.

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