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    Default INTP + INFJ in work relationship?

    I suspect myself to be an INFJ. And I suspect my boss to be an INTP. [No worry, I am no conspiracy theorist.] If anyone here would like to share their or somebody else's experience of INTP/FJ work relationship, I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Not to go off on a rant or anything. . .

    I've had to work on stuff with a self proclaimed INTP on a few occasions. It drove me up the wall! He would be adamant about the most random and irrelevant (to me) things, and he hated to be proven wrong or even argued with. I dunno. I concluded he was controlling because insecure, and this was not type related.

    Sorry if this is unhelpful! It is the only work related INTP story I have to relate. I did find that if he is allowed to control the few (sometimes silly) things he makes an issue out of, he has a high tolerance for leaving very large areas of jurisdiction to others without attempting to dictate. So in that way, he is easy to work with.
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    Default Many Thanks!

    No, your story actually helps a lot. Thank you so much It explains some of my boss's reactions that seemed to me out of place with his usual behaviour.

    Certainly many things are not type related. But so far I've actually enjoyed my work relationship with my boss, who I also consider to be a good role model for the profession that I am going to enter into. I suppose one of the reasons that I am feeling this way might be that my boss actually [somewhat paradoxically] has a lot of control and almost no control-- He only gave me very general instruction and I work without any supervision. We don't have much personal interaction in the work process. At the end of every session I gave my boss the results of my work, then he picked from them whatever he thought worthwile to add to his finished product. I suppose this kind of work relationship generally ensures minimal conflict..

    But there have been some things that puzzled me. My boss appears to be rather easy-going, generous, and flexible. He is very flexible about deadlines and even the time when I am supposed to show up at his office [at times I think too flexible] but I've always sticked right to the deadlines. However, several times when we were talking about non work-related stuff, I said some things to which he gave adamant responses, which really caught me by surprise. I myself would have never given that kind of responses even if I held opposite opinions. I quickly backed down [Fe at work] and my boss became easy-going again. I suppose as long as one tries not to violate INTP's principles, then things will be all right most of the time.

    I read somewhere online that INTP has an instant drive to provide for clarity if someone makes an illogical statement [illogical to INTP, at least] or violates one of the INTP's principles. I suppose that's what happened in my case; I don't know if that might be what happened in your case, though.

    At least it's a good thing that when my boss tells me he is pleased with my work, I know he is not telling me this to try to make me feel better ;-)

    Thanks again~

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