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    I think first you must have at least a foggy notion of where in life you want to go and then you take the first step. And then another. And then another while remembering that it's always possible to change direction is one is so inclined. But what happens when you try to move in every direction at once? You spin in circles. You go nowhere.

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    While I have had a fairly stable worklife, my hobbies have been all over the place. In the past I have occasionally gotten a little flack about it. Some people said I quit things too easily. The idea was also brought up that if I had actually stayed with something, instead of getting a new hobbie every year or two, I would be very good at it now.

    Generally, I reacted fairly negatively to these type of comments. I felt that since this was just something I did for enjoyment, as long as I enjoyed it, why did it matter if I stayed with it or not.

    It has only been in recent years where I felt a desire to become more focused. It had to come from inside. I think people telling me what I should do often makes me what to not do it.

    The thing is being very talent/knowledgable in an area has a lot of appeal to me. It is just that I want to an expert in so many different things, and that is not realistic. Maybe expert is not the right word. I am not sure what word to use. If I worked on my drawing for 10 years (as a hobbie) I wouldn't call that an expert level, but it would be much better that someone who worked on it for 2 years then quit.

    For me it is about the satisfaction of learning a new skill (or new knowledge) v. the satisfaction of growing in that skill and knoweledge. For some reason growing in the skill or knowledge is more satifsying for me know.

    I don't think getting board is only one cause of it. Another cause is getting easily distracted by other things that look interesting. Often times learning how to do the basics is much easier than moving from a beginner level to an intermediate of advanced level. It can be frustrating, and sometimes you wonder if the hard work and effort is worth it. But if you choose not to go to the next level, it can be a little discouraging to still be at begginer level after 2 years.

    So for me it is mainly about not being distracted and putting in the extra effort for improvement.


    Quote Originally Posted by LucrativeSid View Post
    Here are some random thoughts on the subject:

    If you're not interested in something anymore, why do you want to keep going with it? The experience and knowledge knowledge from your last expedition will help on your next. Are you worried that you're just not reaching your potential? What do you think you're missing that you're trying gain?

    If you like creating businesses, you might build them, sell them, and move on. It's always fun and challenging this way. Is this perceived as a bad practice? You're actually doing one thing, it just looks very jumbled in the real world.

    You could always start a project that never ends, but that always challenges and inspires you. My website is an example of that.

    Question your motive for doing something. If you foresee that what you're seeking will be easy to obtain, then perhaps you've got the wrong approach. For example, if you play basketball to impress chicks. Skip the basketball, skip impressing the chicks, and just build your self-esteem, cus that's what you're really after.

    I'm pretty scattered myself. The main problem is that I usually quit doing something right before I'm able to get the maximum benefit from it. Like if you roll a rock up a hill 90% and then quit. All it takes is another 10%, then the downhill will be easy. I guess it all depends on what you want out of it.

    I've started and quit a few things, including sports, websites, and small businesses. Nothing too special so don't ask me to explain them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrath Mania View Post
    The key to finishing projects for me is to have feedback and interaction with others. I wrote a long story back in the day, and the only reason I finished it over one summer was because I had people constantly critiquing and reading it. It was exciting to see how they saw my ideas and plot devices. I could tell you the best way for an ENTP to work is to hone their Introverted Thinking, but that would be a lie and ultimately a fruitless statement. The best way to get stuff done is to make it more than just an exciting concept: make it a dialogue with others who are interested.
    Great idea, checking in with others. I also like the notebook idea above. Problem is sticking to this.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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