Intuition , Imagination and insight in active imagination and hypnogogia
In the popular workings of Jung we see how he used his active imagination to uncover uncovered ground in analytic psychology

what are your thoughts on the correlations above?

and how do you think Jung came about this new technique that most of us gifted and talented people use


active imagination is used by those distinguished individuals ,if they want to be seen they are seen, if they want to stay hidden they stay hidden
lets be honest and say active imagination is ab bit scary
especially if you do it like I do it

the thing that gets my imagination going is one of three or four things

1.eating fruit
2. walking in circles
3. resting on a chair or in my bed
4. doing something crazy like turning on a mechanical machine while my teacher arm is still in the engine(luckily he pulled his arm out) i get side tracked allot with my directed imagination

oh and I wanted to ask what is the technical difference between psychosis and active imagination


do we really understand active imagination and hypnagogia, for a schizophrenic teenager I dont really get to sleep, the only time i get to sleep is for a few hours after i take my sleeping pills then i wake up at 3 am (there around) and then I work, just being a genius is shit,what you have to be is a hardworking genius thats obvious right, Thomas said some shit genius is only 1% and 99% hardwork right? thats old and a bunch of shit in tidays world but hey I'm just a 17 year old (turning 18) i dont really KNOW anything right? riiigggghhhht....,well okay most of it is true but what if the talent leads to the hardwork, then you need more talent right? me ,myself and I, I couldnt have made it this far without my talent, though i dont work so hard, i STILL GET GOOD SCORES, i CANt visualize success clearly and I cant feel it so I dont know success or the perfect success, most people expect the best and they want so much from me , especially my family but hey thats just my story

any advice and opinions are welcome and remember what the main priority is in this discussion thanks