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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I'd agree with that, although stupidity is bound to annoy everyone and I'd say its a particular type of stupidity which bothers ENTJs, for my part it lack of awareness, the whole "if you could see yourself would you stop yourself" thing and poor organisational skills, stress management skills etc.

    The top heavy management thing is a reality worldwide, I dont know what is going to eliminate that but its the last thing which capitalism has to cut I think, pretty much, everyone else has been impoverished one way or another and the boardrooms are the last place with immunity but I cant see that lasting.

    In some parts of the world with proper education, co-management etc. the owners of big bucks enterprises are going to begin to hit on the savings to be made from self-managing staff or teams, it doesnt need to be an industry wide development to have an impact on that recruitment pool and the saving to be made for the same owners from dispensing with management would be massive, it could transform entire sectors as boardroom pay, at least in the UK, has virtually crippled some public and private business in urban centres such as London.

    I also definitely know what you're talking about in terms of personal diversification, I personally hate the fact that I went down a seriously academic route and am a one trick pony presently, the problem is that I'm so far down that road I dont actually see the same chance to go and learn a couple different trades like I did some years ago. Its also a bit different here as social class fucks with inclusion in certain work fields in ways I dont expect it does in the US, in the short time I spent there it was much, much more of a classless society in the positive sense of that word.
    People like to say it does which is why we have so much racism equality crap. But as a hawaiian I am an extreme minority, and looking Mexican in texas I do face prejudices do to looks. I still manage to do well, and once I open my mouth and people hear me and then on top of that I have good values and work ethic they forget all about my minority and such. And even all the women crap you here about inequalities. My director and her boss are women. My mom was VP of a small credit union. It really is what you make of yourself here despite what people believe. Both my parents grew up very poor in hawaii, one of my grandfather's was a school custodian and the other had a job servicing vending machines. My parents worked hard and got good jobs and raised themselves out of poverty. Realized at 40 they had almost no retirement and threw as much as possible into it. My mom retired at 55 and my dad at 60 and don't have to worry about anything. They go on lots of vacations and trips and don't have to pinch pennies.

    I get bored as I get good at something. The better I get the more bored I get and have to change and learn something new. People at work keep joking I am gonna leave and switch from computer programming to general contractor doing remodels and house repairs. Everything I do I research like crazy to learn all the ins and outs of everything. The only thing I suck at is the social aspect of jobs which is where EJ'S really shine.
    Im out, its been fun
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    Well your the more dutiful "S" type. ENTJ's do make more than any other type statistically speaking. But I admire "S" types a lot, they tend to be very loyal.

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    I have learned to get along with all types, but I find ISTJ's to be the most difficult to understand.

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    I get along with both. Because i have a balanced preference with Intuition and sensing.. Got the best of both worlds. Oh yeah

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