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    Quote Originally Posted by Bnova View Post
    Look, you don't have to apologize to me or most anyone else here. I'm not usually so blunt.

    You nailed it with #4 and #7. Oh, and #11.

    I think this could be inspiration for a cool new thread. "Is it wrong to bully and manipulate others?" is actually an interesting question in the general. It'd force us to question our assumptions and explain why we think it's wrong (if we actually do), get into our definitions of bullying and manipulation, and so on.

    We have the psych forum, which might be a good avenue?
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    Most of life I was unaware that I was manipulating situations and people. It was the only way I ever succeeded in obtaining what I wanted and became very good at it. It was never intentional and since I've learned that most of who I am is a manipulation, I have tried to avoid it. People think I'm a complete asshole now because I don't use a show to manipulate them and often I don't even bother involving myself with them at all. I spent 25 years of my life functioning through manipulation and I've come to believe this is ingenuine and dishonest.

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