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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDog View Post
    I'm an ENTJ, close enough. I'm convinced I use Ni more than or at least as much as Te, but I'm definitely an extrovert, but nevermind my personal opinions, everyone I know who knows about typology sees me as ENTJ.

    My best friend from childhood was an ENTP. From 8 or 9 yrs. old I was attracted to her personality because there was this independent smartness to it or something that I apparently instinctively like. I've had the same reaction to two other female ENTPs I've met, although to a lesser extent.

    Once we got older, I had more conflicts with her than anyone else I knew.

    After a certain point, predictably I became interested in her as more than a friend, and the same was true for her, probably rather earlier but I didn't see it. It didn't go too far because I became incredibly frustrated at the way she was thinking about things, not totally sure why, but it seemed like she was incredibly stubborn and wasn't able to see things my way. So eventually I felt insulted and frustrated and sick of the whole thing, and I think she may have felt the same, and we moved on.

    Afterwards, I became really regretful and mainly just dwelt on how much I liked her, but at the same time I really didn't want to do anything about it. I couldn't push her around, which I appreciated because I know I have a tendency to do that; I don't want in a longterm relationship to be always having to 'hold back' lest I hurt someone.

    Anyhow, now I have an opportunity to patch things up with her, although of course I don't know for sure if she'd forgive me. But if I try, I think so. But I'm hesitant whether this could ever work; once I get closer to her again I'll probably become emotionally involved and lose my head; I'll want to get married, and we'll end up getting divorced five years later . . . or so I am imagining it . . .

    Does anyone have stories of how the conflict dynamic between ENTP and ENTJ has been successfully overcome?

    Or not?

    Typical ENTJ will over think all interactions relations conversations as everything can be perfected. MOVE ON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egor View Post
    You sound like an ESTJ to me. I've noticed the vast majority of ESTJ's type themselves as ENTJ's, but most N's have a thirst for knowledge and conceptual understanding that extends beyond what is necessary.
    I would agree, if I hadn't found multiple examples for each type. And the difference between ESTJ and ENTJ in appearance is fairly substantial. The ESTJs I know are like castles; they have a defensive stance, look strong and impregnable. The Earl in Downton Abbey is my image of an ESTJ. Very dignified. The ENTJs have either worked out to build an image, or they haven't; if the former they look controlled, if the latter they can look nerdy.
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    The only ENTP & ENTJ problem I can see is that the ENTP won't do what the ENTJ says. ENTP falsely think they are better leaders than ENTJ's.

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