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    Default can someone tell me whats the difference between ni and ne?????

    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Qwan View Post
    N is creativity,

    F is emotion, and F types tend toward keeping emotional harmony with ___ (Fe, Fi).
    T is logic and truth-seeking, disregarding emotion and morals (Te, Ti).

    Doesn't get much harder than that.
    I disagree I do not believe the F function is feeling in the larger mechanical order of how thinks work,,all is emotion E motion / energy motion.

    I believe F function is a value orientated function that works , operates ,in conjunction with the instincts at the instinctual primary level of minds structure. The value relates to three instinctual functions sense think and feel. Likened to a relay.
    The F function could be viewed though the sense instinct lens of a lens that has three filters and is stacked in a way that favours what ever is the fevered or dominant of the three. In this example with in an order sense being the dominant bis , it could be the instinctual component of feel or think as the dominant bias.
    All three utilised together with out bis helps manifest intuitions of a spiritual order, this is Gurdjieff's,. Law of three in action.

    T I believe is an impersonal critical thinking like logical orientated view. I do not think morels is really linked to the raw nature of the function T

    And the same goes for T in relation to what I mentioned about the instinctual level and sense think and feel. And the making of the law of three happen within.

    I am not keen on the other parts of your post but.. so be it.

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    From an ENFP perspective:

    Both Ni and Ne when combined with judging seem to relate to the possibilities rather than just what is in front of you.

    Ni, I believe, uses the possibilities to subconsciously identify the "best" option. An Ni Dom can almost mystically know what to do and be sure about it without yet knowing why. Please read Ni users' posts for their explanations of it.

    Ne is more like being instinctively conscious of the possibilities. It generally, at least in the short term, leads to more questions rather than a definite answer. As an Ne Dom I tend to narrow the possibilities looking for an answer because life requires them but really want to find more possibilities.
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    infj Ni

    Default how would an intp experience ni(introverted intuition)

    ok so basically iv been reading up on the shadow functions, and it says that in stress shadow functions can emerge now the shadow functions for an infp would be (fe)(ni)(se)(ti)
    now how would an infp lets say under stress experience ni would it be pure ni like an intj would experience it or would it be more cloudy or anything you want to add thanks?

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    Ni is internal. It is having an open mind.

    Ne is external. It is trying new things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion View Post
    Ni is internal. It is having an open mind.

    Ne is external. It is trying new things.
    Ni is far from having an open mind except for the things that are already in the mind. Ni is about habitually weeding out what possibly could not fit the inner view of something and trying to come up with possibilities that would fit it.

    Also doesent trying out new things kinda require having an open mind? = that distinction doesent even make sense.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    I don't know about stress, but if I'm thinking about something, I might have a momentary intuition about some possibility. Now is this Ne or Ni? If it's internal I'd want to look into it and discard it because I don't hold no water to intuition. For me, intuition is just a flash of doubt to get to some truth.

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    Yes And Precisely, the INTP can reach into INFP. Not all INTPs will desire to reach in that direction. But never the less will, with out recognition too within-conscious.

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