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1. Are they okay?
2. Whoa, it's floating? Hmm. That's crazy. How?
3. Clever comment re: Roman gods on top of Olympus?
Going by your initial responses on each of these, have you considered that you might have a feeling preference? - the question I'd ask you then is do you look for meaning in the world around you or meaning in relation to yourself? (e.g. what does this mean about the situation/person/place/ ect.. or do you ask what does this mean to me/how does it impact me?)

Based off your responses I'm going to venture a guess at Fe-Ti and then say Ne-Si. (the reminds me of, is what caught my attention for Si)

So from there the mbti types that use those functions would include: INTP, ENTP, ISFJ, ESFJ

INTP-Ti-Ne-Si-Fe - will first look for specifics and analyze data - Dominant introverted Judger. (more serious view of self)
ENTP - Ne-Ti-Fe-Si - first look outward. - Dominant extroverted Perceiver. (so more laid back view of self)
ISFJ -Si-Fe-Ti-Ne - first references past experiences/ subjective sensations. - Dominant introverted Perceiver (more laid back view of self, but will appear less laid back externally)
ESFJ - Fe-Si-Ne-Ti - First looks outward for meaning, relating to others. (Dominant extroverted judger, appears and is more serious. in approach to life)

Also if you are still wondering about Ne try a word association game. Does it energize you once you get going? Do you have a hard time stopping or does this take effort for you to do?

E.g. Soda -> pop -> popcorn -> movies -> inception -> dreams within dreams -> Doctor Who -> blue -> Blue is the Warmest Color -> tumblr...... (took me all of 30 seconds, its second nature for me, that is once I turn it on, but once I do it energizes me. It feels like I'm awake when I use Ne)

What makes you feel most awake (in terms of thinking/ thought processes)?