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    This does NOT have to do with MBTI type, but rather their "Love language". Google search; 5 love languages.

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    All humans need a degree of affection, and while personality has an impact on that, a lot of it has to do with what they're used to. Some cultures and some families are much more 'touchy' than others, so depending on what you grown up around, you learn to give and expect certain degrees of affection.
    I have a personal space bubble like anyone else (as in don't touch me inappropriately please), but I'm also from a 'Romance' culture, and I'm pretty touchy when I interact. If I don't hug another person at least a few times a week I will get sad.

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    Depends on the person I think. In general I'm pretty guarded though.
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    I just believe NT's respond in a different way of affection the other three temperaments do. (SP SJ NF) I would only think their closest ones would see it the most.
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