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Yeah, fallibility is a good position, it's also the most reasonable one XD Haha yeah apparently a lot of artists use it when they want to paint accurate hands and whatnot XD Yeah, I think it's good to specialise in one, then we're like lego bricks in a massive building Yeah there's a difference, I only get pessimistic when I get in those moods XD But yeah, there are mixes of those, but I think whether or not things are "okay" is my own choice, I just need to work towards it
Yeah, fractals, patterns, and proportions in art are fascinating, and really helpful. I have a whole anatomy text for art about how the skeletal structure and musculature effect the outward appearance of a human form. Its a fascinating text seeing how all the tendons and what not in hands connect things... Yeah I tend to have trouble specializing in one area, but I see what you mean, but I guess its also important for people to be well rounded (or at least open to advice from people who have more knowledge in the other areas )Yeah a lot has to do with perspective, and it can take a while to learn to look at something in a completely different way. Its just like a beginning painter learning to see color or a musician learning a new instrument... at first it seems like it would be impossible, but with time and patience you can catch on faster than you might have anticipated