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    I am all these things. I am too trusting because I want to feel optimistic and naive about people, because everyones different. This obviously does cause problems, but it is very good for friendships, as it means they are quite open and a lot more fun. I would also like to add that I'm also honest about everything, if I think something sucks but everyone loves it, I will tell them it sucks and sometimes it goes a bit deeper than that.

    I think feeling socially inept comes from depression and anxiety a bit, where embarrassing myself is a big deal, so I over think things and that causes me to be clumsy.

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    Man people over complicate things.

    I do, sometimes, panic about what I say but by and large I've learned that by saying things in honesty I cut through all the crap that people have. Sure some take offence and I deal with that with that person. I pay little to no attention to offending groups of people. If people want to hang their identity on their association with something then that's their deal not mine. When confronted with it I find it better to find out what they actually are rather than what labels they have chosen to apply or have had applied.

    As to dealing with other types, I get on well with anyone who's able to abstract. I'm also comfortable with anyone who's honest, no matter what their opinion.

    And just to snipe a parting shot, no type is rational by the harshest definition. We all rationalise and sometimes that rationale is "because it felt right". Logic is a choice not a benchmark.
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    I used to be too open and trusting so that I would admonish myself afterwards for leaving myself vulnerable so I've become more guarded and suspicious as I've become older.
    I'm not very good at trusting others. In my experience the vast majority of people aren't entirely trustworthy. Different people can be trusted with different things.

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