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    Default How to make the best use of the INTJ characteristics when looking for a girl friend

    New year is here with new plans and eagerness to find new possibilities. One of the things I'd very much like to accomplish is to find a girl friend. I have some thoughts about my greatest strengths and challenges, and as I think they have quite a close connection to my INTJ nature, I am going to share them here. I will leave this post quite open-ended, not asking anything concrete. I'd just like to hear any thoughts or experiences you think might help me

    In a way, I feel like having two sides in me that are quite different. There is the observer side which is what random people usually see, and then there is the other side which loves action and getting things done and which is only seen in certain occasions when it's needed. Those occasions are when there is something I want to gain and when I am engaged in certain hobbies of mine. I think these sides are rather nicely balanced as far as simple "being me and living my life" is concerned.

    My experience is that out of those two sides, the outgoing one is clearly the one that will more probably draw the attention of the kind women that I am interested in. They do value the observer as well once they get to know it, but I think it's not that granted that they will give it the chance it needs for that. Therefor, it would be my benefit to get to show people more of the outgoing side. The problem is the infrequentness and relative rarity of the kind of occasions that would let the outgoing side show up.

    So, to put it short, I would say that I have pretty good a hand for this game of finding my way into a kind relationship that I am after. I have seen that both of my sides work well when they get their chance and the company is right. The problem is that I am not sure if I know how to play those cards effectively enough.

    P.S. Just for the case it matters, I happen to be also HSP and HSS, but as far as these acronyms are concerned, I think INTJ is the one that describes me the best.
    INTJ, HSP, 1w9 or tritype 154, sx/sp

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