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Thread: N v. S

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    The S who come and stay here just tend to be those with good balance between S and N because an extreme S person would not come to a message board like this because the topic is so abstract, it just wouldn't interest them and even if they did come here, they wouldn't be interested enough to stay.
    I stay because the people here feed my ever-hungry Attention-Eating Monster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel Tufnel View Post
    Funny, I back up my 70-90% claim, and realizing that you're wrong, you resort to whining about "stereotypes" and "prejudice" as if we're talking about race relations, not business.

    So say what you want about MBTI, preferences, or IQ, no executive I know would ever hire you.

    If you weren't so caught up in presenting everything in such a limp dick, academic manner, you'd realize that you don't need personality tests, "registered practioners", or other waste-of-time nonsense to apply job preferences in a business environment. You just need common sense, but it's very clear you don't have any of that.
    Hrmmm... all this personal judging from someone who doesn't even know me... it hurts me... hurts me to my core. I wonder what you based your "executive hiring" on this time, hmmm? Anyway, the problem wasn't so much with stereotypes, but your methods of justifying them and the inaccuracies you have. Kind of like you lashing out with personal attacks and talking trash, having no idea how silly it would be if you did know me.

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