I used to correlate things that aren't actually related, thinking empathy and Fe would go hand in hand, being shy or socially anxious and introversion. This topic would fall into that as we all present so differently, honestly, some of the most completely cold, cruel people I have known were NFs and I have never dated an NT I haven't made cry, they're some of the sweetest, most sappy, caring people I have known. It may however be that as an NT I get their style?

As a side note, I see a lot of the same posts up above and it makes me want to turn a mirror on you, why were you choosing partners like that? Were they too soft or were you too cold? Balance is in the middle so if your perception of them is something, that doesn't make it reality. The goal is for us NTs to mature and better understand our hearts, for NFs to do the same with their minds so over time we have full us of both, that's where the magic happens!